Saturday, January 31, 2009

Saturday Morning

A cold, sunny, Saturday morning, this last day of January 2009 was waiting for me one this first day of the last day of my life. For the second consecutive week Bill and I would not have breakfast at Zorba’s restaurant in Rehoboth Beach. Johnnie (our regular waitress) no doubt is wondering what happen to the two old gay geezers who stop in every Saturday morning. The cook won’t be frying scrapple for me or Bill’s egg sandwich with a double order of mayonnaise. No, Week Two continues of this “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf” game that Bill likes to play. The first time I saw that Edward Albee play I knew I recognized the plot line. “Something is familiar about this story” I thought to myself. It was only when I found out that Edward Albee “straightened out the play” that I recognized the gay relationship the play was based on and the sometimes twisted and cruel turns it takes which, is in reality two people who care very much for one another. I care very much for Bill and if this is what it takes, so be it.

Even though Bill and I wouldn’t be doing our weekly breakfast at Zorba’s, I thought I would get out anyway. I had some old food in the refrigerator that I had to get rid of. The parking lot of Wal-Mart in Rehoboth always has a contingent of sea gulls hanging around the back of the fast food junk palaces; patiently awaiting any leftovers that Chi-Chi’s, Friendly’s or Wendy’s throw in their dumpsters located behind them. As soon as my red Subaru rolled to a stop behind Wendy’s dumpster, the sea gulls screeched and flocked around my car. Quick! I threw out the food and got out of there fast before one of them left a Thank You deposit on my newly washed and waxed car. No good deed go unpunished in this world.

Then it was off to Giant. Giant is the closest supermarket that Rehoboth Beach has to Wegmans. While it has a long way to go to equal Wegmans, it’s not bad. The store is clean, offers a wide variety of products, and has a high percentage of gay shoppers. Who knows? Maybe I could “accidentally” meet someone who would help me out of my loneliness. Unlikely, but it is possible. At my age, I don’t want to meet someone young because they would only be looking for a sugar daddy. Been there, done that. That’s a dead end street which only causes a lot of angst. I’m not looking for a sexual encounter (are you kidding?) My hormone level left years ago. I’m not interested in any of that activity.

It would be nice to meet someone who has similar interests as I do. All the years I’ve been coming down here and living here for the past two years, I have yet to meet anyone who likes genealogy or taking digital pictures. I’ve given up. It’s sort of like playing the Powerball. I’ve played it for years. The most I’ve ever won is $7.00 (big whoop) While I know it is very unlikely that I will ever win more than $7.00, I keep playing because there is that slight chance that I may win the big prize. I'll even take the $200,000. After taxes I could still pay off my mortgage. However, I’m not pinning all of my hopes on winning but I do like to stay in the game. There is always that chance. You gotta have hope. It’s the same with getting out there and mixing it up. You just never know.

On the way home I stopped at the inn where I work. Last Thursday I was talking to a guest from Australia. She said she wanted to get some black beans to take back home because she couldn’t get black beans in Australia. I had a can of Black Bean Progresso soup. I dropped the can off at the front desk with Blare and asked her to give it to the guest from Australia.

It is not even 10 o'clock yet this morning, but I feel that I have had a worthwhile day. I fed the seagulls and gave Mrs. Stewart her black beans. Mission accomplished. I can have another day on this earth. The beat goes on.


  1. I'm glad you can have another day on this earth. The way you started out sounded as if you were dying tonight; "this last day of January 2009 was waiting for me on this first day of the last day of my life."

    Did you mean to say the first day of the rest of your life?

    Remember, i like genealogy and taking digital pictures. I also like black bean soup.

    Anyway, hope Bill begins talking soon.


  2. I didn't think that sounded right, "The last day of the my life." You're right, it was "the first day of the rest of my life." Nurse!

  3. You are a brave man...I would never attempt to feed the gulls in that parking lot. Not that I go there often, anyway.

    Psst! I like taking digital pics, too.

  4. Yep! I got home yesterday and I had sea gull doodie on my car. My nice, red, freshly waxed car. I washed my hair last night just in case. "Ah'd love to kiss ya but I just washed mah hare."

    I went again this morning to make another contribution. They were waiting for me. Seagulls have memories! I have to clean out the freezer since Bill's not eating. All kinds of goodies early in the morning for my feathered friends.

    Take over tomorrow will you?

  5. Ron,

    How come you are going to this mall dumpster? Don't you have trash and garbage pickup where you live?

    You are aware it is a federal offense to put trash in a private dumpster, don't you? The mall where I work will go after anyone who they catch putting their trash in our dumpster and some places watch for it. There are cases of people having license plates reported and having the police come to their homes and lead them off in handcuffs. There can be fines. Some places might even have security cameras that would pick up anyone doing this.


  6. The dumpster is behind the fast food store. I'm not putting bags of trash in themWwrap that I had around whatever I threw to the sea gulls. I guess I could take it home. I would think before the authorities would arrest me for putting ONE PIECE of Saran wrap in a dumpster, they would go after the people down here who dump whole garbage bags of trash on the roads down here. I haven't seen the prisoners lately who clean up this disgrace. This morning I was down at the Broadkill River and saw beer cans, and whole empty cases of beer where the local cretins had their nighttime party. Again, I would think the handcuffs would come out for them before I would be arrested and hauled away for putting ONE PIECE of Saran Wrap in a dumpster. If there is anybody who needs to be hauled away in handcuffs it is those war criminals Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, and Rove. Where's the justice?

  7. Isn't it a FEDERAL OFFENSE to send our young men and women off to a war based on lies? Should be.

  8. Put your saran inside a small trash bag; I keep on in the car because I also feed the gulls; ducks, terns, chipmunks, sparrows, red-winged black-birds, etc.

    As to the 'doo-doo', I take a bottle of water and microfiber cloth; wash it off immediately.

    I love it when the little birds sit on the rear-view mirrors; take the food from my hands.....

    Enjoy those birds - we shouldn't waste food, and this is an ideal way to avoid that.

    From saran to Iran
    to Korea and back
    they die in Iraq
    the frogs croak
    and the ducks quack
    but I don't think
    there will be
    a 'saran attack'.......

    Relax - it's those big bags of garbage and other bulky items that get the business-people nuts; heck, roll up the saran into a spit-ball and 'lob it'.....there's more crap than that just in their parking lot I bet. /ds

  9. Diane,
    Thanks for the good advice. I'm not upset about the teeney bit of trash that I put in the dumpster. My friend Lar wouldn't dare do it but I would. You're right, it's the big bags of trash lobbed in the dumpsters. I'll take your advice and bring a small bag with me. I don't like to waste food. Even though we don't get the snow on the Delaware coast, it does get plenty cold, especially with the wind. The birds appreciate anything I bring them. It's something I feel good about doing. I get upset when I'm criticized for doing something good. You're right, there is way more trash in the parking lot of Wal-Mart that I could ever put in the dumpster. I can see it now, the police hiding behind the dumpster waiting for someone to dare put one piece of trash in the dumpster, handcuffs at the ready. Lar, relax.


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