Sunday, January 04, 2009

A Frustrating Day

Last night I made good on my New Year’s resolution to clean out my mail cabinet. I had over 600 messages that I had to check and to either discard, file or respond to the messages. Until the wee hours in the morning, I diligently checked each message and made a good choice. I even discontinued some of those automatic generated e-mails. Thus, it was with great anticipation this morning that I turned my computer on, planning to start with a clean slate and have a productive day updating my genealogy files.

Now you probably have surmised where I’m going with this. Oh yes, I had a clean slate alright. In fact, it was so clean I brought up AOL with an error message that it loaded improperly. Good old AOL. They never let you down. My AOL wasn’t loading properly. What did I do except clean out my mail? How does it go? The best laid plans of men and mice go awry? Something like that anyway.

I tried my old computer. I had the same error message on that computer. I tried Bill’s computer, which is on the same network and the other two computers. I thought that maybe, just maybe, it’s at the source of AOL. But no, I could bring up my AOL account properly on his computer. No errors. Same network, different results. What could I have done wrong?

Here is what the problem was. I don’t have the Quick Read blurb on the mail in my AOL box. I checked my PC Filing Cabinet. My saved message showed a Quick Read description but if I went back into the file, all I saw was a blank envelope for that date. To the right of the blank envelope, it was all white space. What in the world now? Is this some kind of nefarious scheme to keep my Computer Guy in business for the New Year? I mean I like Tom and all but I'm at the point now where I'm going to have to put him on my payroll.

So what to do? I thought I would take the bull by the horns and uninstall AOL from my old computer and reinstall it from the CD-ROM I have of AOL version 9.0 (I had 9.1 on my computer but I don’t really need that version.) This took awhile to do but I was able to bring up my AOL account, minus all the mail I had saved on my hard drive. Not to worry though, I see a folder on my desktop that says “AOL Saved PFC.” Okay. Now what do I do with that? At least I can access my AOL account now and see with the Quick Read feature and see who sent me e-mails.

Next I took on the new computer. I uninstalled AOL 9.1 and reinstalled 9.0. I wasn’t so fortunate AOL, nothing happened. I suspected I would have a problem because the new computer operates on the VISTA system. Oh how I wish I took my friend Larry’s advice and got a Mac. AOL, Windows, Vista……….it all adds up to frustration.

To say I was spitting mad is an understatement. What to do? I asked Bill if he wanted to go for a ride on this sunny Sunday afternoon. He did. Off we went. Anywhere, just to get out of the house and this frustration and into the cold fresh air.

First we stopped at Big Bob’s and got a bucket full of sand. Bill needs that to fill in the deep indentation on our front lawn that the Ryan Home folks left when they installed the sod after repairing our drainage problem.

Next, we stopped at the American Legion Post 28 to put Bill’s name on the calendar for the American Legion van to pick him up and take him to Wilmington for his appointment at the Veterans Administration Medical Center two weeks hence. We used to call this in to Ron Robinson, the van coordinator but he choked to death on a piece of food a month ago and no one has taken his place as coordinator. We were told we had to appear in person at the American Legion clubhouse on Route 24 and Bill would personally have to write his name on the calendar.

Of course we had another hurdle to jump over before we could do this. We had to have a key to get in the American Legion club house. We had one but who knows where that is now? We never go there because of the smoking. The American Legion posts are private clubs so smoking is permitted and do they ever take advantage of it. We arrive at the entrance and ring the buzzer. Someone lets us in. As we expected, the place is full of veterans and their women folk. Drinking and pool playing is in full swing. And yes, it was a smoke filled hall.

We ask who to see to get a key. We’re directed to an office in the back. The gentlemen veteran in the back office checked his records and told us we had keys issued to us. We agreed that we had the keys but we don’t know where they are now. He says he can give us new ones for $8.00 a piece. It was a deal. He made up new keys for us and I gave him a $20 bill.

We leave the American Legion Post 28 club house, reeking of smoke and alcohol. Just like the old days when we used to go to the 247 Bar in Philadelphia. Ah sweet memories. Well, at least we accomplished something today. And, as an extra bonus the gentleman told us the name of the new van coordinator. But we’re keeping the keys just in case of another emergency.

We left and drove leisurely back home. Bill saw that I had a phone message from a friend. I called the friend. He wanted to know if I wanted to dine out tonight with our usual Purple Parrot group. However, this night we would be dining at the Stoney Lonen restaurant in Rehoboth Beach. The Stoney Lonen is known for its seafood dishes. I don’t do seafood but I like my friends. I think I need a night out to get de rattled. It’s been a tough day.


  1. Ron,

    I've been sending your emails to your new g account. Which account do you want email sent? There or still to AOL?


  2. Still send them to the AOL account. But I'm very close to leaving AOL altogether. I'm just so tired of all the imcompatability problems. I'll check my G Mail account. I predict AOL will go out of business in two years. They don't improve, only get worse. It's a shame because their format is the best. Or maybe I'm just used to them. But I know I'm with a loser though. It's a shame.

  3. This post made my head hurt. Couldn't make heads or tails out of it. But...
    You go through all this BS, and STILL stay with AOL.
    I suppose the craziness you know is better than the craziness you don't know...or, whatever.

  4. I'm comfortable with the AOL format. The other e-mail providers are not user friendly. I can't figure out how to add favorites easily as well as insert pictures. However, I do pay a price by staying with AOL since they are obviously cutting back and never have been known to be compatibable with other services. I have Verizon e-mail but talk about making one's head hurt. That is one clunky format to do anything.
    Now to top everything else, my HP Photosmart isn't scanning again. Driver problems. I have a list for Computer Guy tomorrow.


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