Thursday, January 15, 2009


My DIRECTV is fixed! Juan, the DIRECTV repairman arrived at the appointed time. Juan was the original DIRECTV technician who setup my system. I was glad to see him. I knew I was in capable hands.

He had no problem with my request to remove his shoes before he went through my house. I know I'm fussy to the inth degree but I really don't want people walking through my house with their shoes on. Who knows what those shoes have walked on?

Juan quickly diagnosed the problem as one of corroded contacts on the outside lines. It took him about two hours to replace the contacts. Now I have my MSNBC back (and CNN and TCM.)

Juan and his family used to live in this development. The three of us (Bill) discussed what has transpired since he moved. It was good to see him again. It was also good to have a professional, knowledgeable and friendly service person take care of my problem.

This is a short posting because I have to go to work early today. Blare (who I'm relieving) has to leave early for a doctor's appointment. Today will be a long day at work for me but I am comfortable knowing that when I come home tonight I can watch Keith and Rachel.

Now I have another problem, my Adobe Flash Player isn't working on my Gateway computer. I can't blame this problem on Vista. Who knows what happened here? I get a message telling me I don't have the latest version of Adobe Flash Player and I need to download it. I download it and nothing happens. So what else is new? O la de da.


  1. jim rossignol4:14 PM


    Glad to hear things are looking up!

    As far as people taking off their shoes: I think you have no apologies necessary for this request, including any repairmen or whoever that comes to your home; although I guess they may tend to go in and out frequently. Kind of impractical there.

    If nothing else, taking off shoes is very good for the carpets. It is a time-honored practice in Japan. I think most people respect you for it.

    The only downside is foot odor. I don't know how much you've encountered this, but that could be a problem--to say the least.

    Keep up the good vibes!


  2. Yes, things are looking up. Only two more days now! I'm getting this incredible wonderful feeling.

    Last night we had company for dinner. The shoes came off. No foot oder. Today my boss came over to remove maleware from Bill's computer (yes, the computer frustrations continue - this one was "Anti-virus 2009") and he offered to take his shoes off. Again, no foot oder.

    I always take my shoes off when I enter someone's house unless instructed to do otherwise.

    The good vibes are back. Especially after Tuesday.


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