Friday, January 16, 2009


At 5:42 am this morning, I awoke to the sound stopping on my Holmes ionizer air filtration machine. Quiet. I knew immediately what this meant, the power is out. I use the Holmes ionizer air filter as white noise to help me sleep. Now that the power was out, I was wide awake. It was just as well because I had a dental appointment in Dover at 9 am. With the power outage, I’m just getting up earlier than I had planned to. Oh joy.

The New Year continues to greet me with a series of frustrations to try my patience. I’m losing it. Yesterday I got my DIRECTV fixed so I could receive my satellite television. Another little fire put out. But then when I went to work I noticed that my wrist watch had stopped. Oh why not? The battery was dead. I took the watch off because all I would do would look at it as if it was still keeping time. So I went to work, looking at a bare wrist. Down here in Slower Lower (Sussex County, Delaware), one doesn’t walk into a jewelry shop and buy a watch battery and ask them to change it. That’s a service that isn’t done in Slower Lower. I know. I’ve tried only to be met with a curt “We don’t do that!” Since I was traveling back to civilization this morning (Dover), I would get it done there (which I did.)

I forget to mention that yesterday (Wednesday), I was awakened by the sound of the trash truck. Our trash can was in the garage. Of course it should have been out by the mailbox so my new trash hauler (Moore) could pick it up. Our previous trash hauler, Waste Management, picked up the trash later in the morning so Bill didn’t put out our can until 8 or 9. Apparently, Moore gets started earlier. I quickly threw on some clothes and rushed to the garage. I pushed the automatic door opener and, sure enough, the Moore trash behemoth was several house up Whitehall Drive, picking up my neighbor’s can. I wheeled out my can and parked it at the edge of my driveway, hoping they would see me and take pity. They weren’t in the pitying mood yesterday morning. After loudly dropping my neighbor’s giant green plastic trash can (everyone wake up!), their truck pulled away and drove off into the morning light of Whitehall Drive. Yes, I would be keeping my trash for another week. Somewhere in the bottom of that can is a rotten potato. Ever smell a rotten potato? The dark brown spot on a rotten potato quickly liquefies and turns into an all enveloping permeating smell the likes of which is hard to describe. Not as bad as a skunk but not a smell you would want lingering on your clothes and house. I’m hoping I get a break on that potato. I don’t need to smell that for the next week until the trash men come back next Wednesday. Oh yes, we will take out the trash early next week. We don’t need a big learning curve on this one.

So the power was out this morning. What a wonderful start for the new day. This brought back memories of when we used to live in Pennsylvania. We lived on 7 acres of wooded land in East Brandywine Township. Our power went out on the average of twice a month. We had a whole routine. Usually a strong wind would take out the power. The area we lived had so many trees and invariably a strong wind would break off a dead branch that would take the power out. Sometimes the outages would only be for a few hours and sometimes a day. On once occasion, it was out for a week. This was another reason I moved to Delaware and away from trees. I never did get used to living with all those power outages. Since we have lived in Delaware (November 2006), this is only the third outage. None of them have been longer than a few hours. This one I think was caused by a deterioration of the phone line. As Bill and I drove out of our development this morning for my 9 am Dental appointment in Dover, we saw the electric company trucks repairing the line. Interesting, the repairman for DIRECTV was in yesterday repairing corroded connections on our satellite hookup and today the electric company was repairing a corroded electric line. Even more irony, my dental appointment was to take out my upper left bridge and the one tooth holding it to be replaced by a partial denture. I don’t know, it seems like everything is falling apart this year, including me.


  1. I seem to be running into some of the same irritations as you are.

    I was given a new watch as a gift; the battery is dead - today it's going in with 4 others that need new batteries (fortunately, Laughlin is known for having one the largest collections of watches in this country).

    In fact, I imagine you can type in THE WATCH MAN, Laughlin, Nevada, and see the thousands they keep in stock 365 days of the year. They buy tons of batteries; charge $2 more than the battery cost to install, so that's on my list of 'things to do' this afternoon.

    Re the rotting potato; either take the trash bag over to your neighbor-hood Wal-Mart and dump in their dumpster, or open the bag and pour in 1 cup of ammonia which will kill the odor; seal it up quickly...

    As to the partials; I got mine in August - used them 3 days; kept gagging with them in and couldn't eat a darned thing without 'stuff' sticking to the wires and getting under the partials.

    We were eating out; I started gagging; then chokeing on a piece of meat, and nearly choked to death as they tried to get both the meat and partials from my mouth. Suffice to say, they've lived in the 'little box' ever since, and I'm learning to eat foods I can 'gum' about..reminds me of the song from the rock opera, TOMMY (except they say fiddling about) - I'm just 'gumming about', and managing to fix balanced meals that I can eat.

    I go to the dentist on the 19th; it will be a big hullabaloo - I want full dentures, or nothing; I'll stick with my diet as I've been doing for over 4 months now.

    As to television; lately PBS is plunking a 'no signal' statement on a regular basis - irritating.

    Power outages are common where we live (particularly in the summer), so 'no big' for me on that one.

    As to the 'white noise', I link up to this web-site (using my lap-top which is battery-operated/charged and ready for me to enjoy all night). Check this out and see if this helps you:

    To me, it's better than white noise and I've already sent you my blog that is nothing but lovely music for sleeping:

    On that blog I also have other links to the sounds of winter; spring, forest, and all of them will function all night long with the most soothing sounds (one is called ocean) as well as gentle music and birds that combine to give me the best sleep since I put that blog together.

    Between baby-to-sleep and my blog, I no longer have to deal with medication or power outages because my lap-top plays them 'battery-powered', and I recharge it through the day....

    We've finally gotten over the flu' - came down with that December 31, and haven't been up and about or outside much at all, so it's been 16 days of 'damn, I hope the rest of 2009 doesn't go this crappy'....

    Ah, but, we are getting rid of GWB - that gets my spirits going just when I think of that!

  2. Diane,

    The only white noise that works for me is the steady "whoooosh" of a fan or similar sound. Waterfalls, chirping birds, streams gurgling....those sounds keep me awake.

    I was wondering how you were doing with your partials. I'm sorry to hear they're not working for you. I'm doing better than I thought without teeth in the upper left side of my mouth. I wasn't chewing up there anyway. I have to do without for the next two months to give the anchor tooth a chance to recover and gain strength to hold the new partial.

    I have a lot of confidence in my dentist, Dr. Patel (now there is an unusual Indian name). The previous Indian dentist (Dr. "Happy"), did a great job with my partial. Unfortunately, the new partial will replace that one.

    I complain about all my annoyances but I know I have a pretty good life. I know too many people who have serious illnesses or have economic problems. So far so good for me. Business at the hotel is terrible but the owner is keeping it open and I will stay employed because I work the front desk. I feel sorry for the housekeeping people. If they don't have rooms to clean, they don't get paid. They need the money because they have families to support. It's always those at the bottom of the economic ladder who get hurt the most in bad economic times like these times.

    I'm glad to hear your cold is getting better. That's a problem that I've dodged for about six years now.


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