Monday, January 26, 2009

Another Gray Day

Here we are at Monday and another gray day in January. Oh how I long for the sunny days of spring and summer. Last year we had many good sunny days. Actually there were too many sunny days. We had a drought which wasn’t good for the local farmers growing corn and soybeans.

Looking out the window now I see snowflakes! The snowflakes fall gently to the ground. They are beautiful. However, I hope we miss the big snow storm again like we have so far this winter. Pennsylvania needs this snow a lot more than we do here in Slower Lower with our wind swept coastal plains that don’t hold snow more than a day. Please!

This morning I opened an e-mail from a friend of mine showing his two beautiful Shetland collies romping in his Cranberry Township (near Pittsburgh) back yard. Well, they like it! I’m happy for them. I would rather look at pictures of people and animals in the snow that experience it myself. As they say, “Been there, done that!” His dogs are lovely though.

Yesterday my cousin called to tell me that her mother (and my aunt) is in the hospital with pneumonia. I was hoping to get up to Pennsylvania and take my Mother to visit her older sister before something like this happened. My aunt turned 90 years old March 18th of last year. I will always remember the one summer I spent at her home with my Uncle George and my cousins Elaine and George, Jr. They lived near the Capital Bakery. My fondest memory of that summer was the smell of baking bread and my Aunt Jeanette’s invasion of Japanese beetles on her rose bushes. I have a special fondness for my Aunt Jeanette as well as her older sister Grace. Both of them looked like my Mother and had similar personalities. It was like I had three Mothers. Their brother and my Uncle George, was also special to me. My grandfather did something right in raising such wonderful, exceptional people. I would like to think that the best part of me I inherited from my Hadfield relatives.

It’s back to work today after a sad weekend here. Bill is still holed up in his room, refusing to come out. No matter how many times this never gets easier.

Last night I thought I would watch one of my movies that I rented from Netflix. The movie was “A Love To Hide.” This was perhaps the worst movie to watch during these sad times. I got as far as the stone quarry scene and I couldn’t take anymore. Not that the movie wasn’t well done (it was, despite some uneven spots) and had an important message. It was and did. The problem I have is watching violence. Sure, this was “just a movie” and the violence wasn’t really happening but I knew that it DID HAPPEN. I can’t take it. I literally cannot watch it. I will faint. I guess I’m a certified pussy. The movie goes back today. I’ll have to check my Netflix que. I need a Will Ferrell comedy. I need to rent a movie so incredibly stupid that it will take my mind off of these gray days and all the other woes in this country and world. I know, “Dumb and Dumber.” That will do the trick.

Stay warm.

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