Wednesday, January 14, 2009


The problems continue. Below is an e-mail that I sent to a friend this morning. I was hoping my next blog posting would be a happy, upbeat blog posting. It was not to be. The past week or so, I’ve noticed that I can’t get some channels on my DirecTV satellite TV. I don’t want to give anyone headaches by going into the boring details like I did with my previous blog postings about my PC troubles with Vista. All I know is that I hate having strangers tramping through my house, with their shoes on (who knows where those shoes have been), checking off their check list of the usual suspects. I know what the problem is with my DirecTV. The satellite dish was knocked off of it’s settings during the 60 mph sustained winds we had at the end of the year.

The last time the DirecTV repairman came out, it was obvious I was his first patient because he kept referring to his manual. He checked all the connections which meant pulling all five of my receivers out of wherever they were accumulating dust. In the end, it was the dish, as it always is. What really blows their mind is when they check my main electrical switch box in the basement. Every repairman (or woman) from Verizon, to the whole house music people (oh yes, I’ve had them in too when that system went on the blink after a lightening strike), to DirecTV is traumatized once they get an eyeful of that Medusa mass of wires. The problem is NEVER there but I can tell that’s where they see an opportunity to dump the problem. It’s always the same thing isn’t it? Point the finger somewhere else.

The sun is streaming through the window to my left as I type yet another complaining blog entry. I apologize to all for my unending negative blog entries for the New Year. Unfortunately, this is my life. And that is what my blog is all about. I’m still looking for that stretch of time that there are no problems and I can complain about being bored because of my uneventful life. That ain’t going to happen.


Now my DirecTV is acting up. I can get two channels on my bedroom TV. Nothing on my TV in the kitchen. It just says “searching for signal.” Bill just found out this morning that he can't get anything on the downstairs TV. I can get MSNBC and CNN on my TV in my office. Yesterday I made the call to DirecTV and the woman made me jump through the usual hoops. Unplugged the TV, reset, check the wires, etc. I think what the problem is that the satellite dish was knocked off its setting with those high winds at the end of the year.

The DirecTV repair guy is coming out tomorrow. The last time the repair guy came out he was looking through his instruction booklet. On the job training. We finally had to have the manager come out and reset the satellite settings on the satellite dish. Fun Times.

Just to top everything off, our new trash guys came out this morning at 6 AM to pick up the trash. Bill still had the trash can in the garage. We get to keep the trash another week. Our previous trash guys (Waste Management) used to come by around noon. This new one is my wake up call in more ways than one. I was still in bed when I heard the grind. Fun times.


  1. jim rossignol9:11 AM


    Again, the photo has me on the floor!

    Certainly no apologies necessary for any subject you decide to post and however many times you want to post it.

    And as I have mentioned before, conflict makes for good drama and hence good reading. God reading that is if the person can write, and you sure can. I hate to sit here and think I'm benefiting from your misery but on one level it is definitely entertaining! I guess it makes us laugh cause we're been there, and thanks to you and your way with words we can live through it (safely now) again.

    Also writing about a problem has been known to alleviate stress. I hope you are reaping this benefit.

    Having said that, here's to your troubles ending! I've been there not all that long ago, and it wasn't funny.

    But if a new or old travail should arise as they usually do, we'll (speaking for myself anyway)be here to empathize and likely reap more from your insight and good humor.

    Again, may your troubles cease. I am going to stop now, listen to the Hindi music and meditate for your inner peace and that all your signals searched may be found.


  2. Jim,

    Again, that you for your comments. They're always appreciated. Actually, they help me alleviate the stress I'm going through right now. I have to keep all these problems in perspective. I have one friend who has terminal cancer. Another friend has had two bouts with colon cancer and is now in remission. My "problems" are absolutely nothing when viewed from their perspectives.

    However, that said, my "probelms" are extremely frustrating. Little things like this seem to bother me more at this time in my life. Sometimes I feel like I'm getting overwhelmed by modern technology and all the things that can go wrong. I have to keep reminding myself, "This is no big deal!"

    You are right that writing about it helps to reduce the angst. That is probably one reason I started this blog in the first place, to provide an valve for when the pressure is just too much for me. I guess I'm saying I'm a pressure cooker.

    Thanks again for helping me keep things in perspective.


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