Friday, December 05, 2008

New Photo

It was time to replace my profile photo on this blog. Look to the left and you'll see a candid shot taken of me at a local restaurant where I was dining with friends. If I remember correctly, one of my friends said something really funny and the waitress, who was taking our photo captured my real expression just right. There are very, very few photos of me with a genuine smile.

Ironically, I smile most of the time. I have the cheek wrinkles to prove it too. When I was younger, I wasn't so self conscious of having my photo taken. From the few photos taken of me then you can see that I was genuinely happy. The photo included in this blog is one that was taken in 1951. I remember the day so well. I won first prize at a fishing rodeo. It was the West Chester, Pennsylvania Fishing Rodeo held at the quarry outside of West Chester. Would you believe it, but I caught the biggest fish! What is ironic is that I'm not a fisherman. The boy to the left of me is my cousin, Edward "Bud" Tipton. We are of the same age. What is ironic is that Bud is the fisherman. Just goes to show you who had the Beginner's Luck. I was thrilled to have my picture taken by the local newspaper. Thirty five years later a blurb appeared in the same newspaper noting the event "Thirty Five Years Ago Today." Now here is the final irony, I don't think I've been fishing since that day. But I did get a good picture of myself.

I've been thinking of updating my blog. Not so much the format, I'm still comfortable with that. But I will update my picture from time to time. I'll have to concentrate on being less self conscious though when I do have my picture taken. I'm not one of those guys who can smile on command. Funny thing, most of my friends can. What's with that?


Anonymous said...


Great new photo! Like the idea of updating it from time to time although the new one will be tough to beat. Don't worry too much about difficulties in capturing a good smile on command. It's not that easy to do for most people. Count me in there anyway.

The fishing story and photo were great! But where's the fish? Love the little pole and the license tag on your hip. The glowing smile. Priceless. Also what a wonderful cherry on top to read that the newspaper carried a blurb of the story 35 years later. And then to know that you never fished again. Went out on top. Just great!



Liked the new photo. Liked the 50 things about you - nice idea.

I looked at the dog romping in the snow; if you'll go to my Happy In Nevada blogsite that you keep listed, and go DOWN THE LEFT-HAND SIDE to a video my friend (Linda)sent to me of her dog romping in the snow, you'll have another 'good time' watching it.

I wrote a poem for the video; Linda has it posted on her blog - we did this way back in February of this year.

Still trying to get over the flu - haven't done much reading/writing, or going through e-mails and need to catch up.

I'll check out your doctor's link in Phoenix since we don't live that far from there, and I keep rss feeds to the Arizona news because I have an aunt and uncle who live there; a cousin who lives in Scottsdale, and my husband's brother also lives in Scottsdale now that he retired.

Liked your 'big sky' of Delaware although I must confess I moved 'west' 28 years ago, because I wanted to see the 'big skies', and overall, you can't beat those of Montana, Wyoming, Idaho - Washington; Oregon - California (up at Big Bear) - here in Nevada, or in Arizona (the Grand Canyon is unbelievable), or New Mexico as well as Utah is stunning.

Still, the picture you captured was stunning.....

We'll be leaving for California soon - get back after the new year, and have my e-mail set to send out e-mail Christmas cards from Jaquie Lawson, so watch for yours.

Take care. Diane

Oh yes - did I say I like the newest music????

Don't forget to grab my hours of Christmas music on one of my blogs:

Ron said...


Glad you liked the photo. Another JC Penney exclusive. This time the photographer was a funny guy who made me laugh. Good idea to tell the fishing story. I'll do that in a future blog. I did it already in my "Tipton Tales and Trails" blog. Did you check that one? By the way, that's not a fishing license on my hip but a worm box. Ugh. My Pop made me put the worm on the hook too. I was ever so careful to get the whole worm on the S shaped hook too. That's probably why the fish took my bait; hook, line and sinker! Always appreciate your comments and suggestions Jim.

Ron said...


Always good to hear from you. I'll check your video of the snow romping dog. I had a dog once who liked to go out in the snow. He just stood there, overwhelmed. I have a picture somewhere of that event. By the way, how are your partials coming along? I just got the news that I may need another one the upper left side of my mouth. Only one tooth holding up that bridge now. The dentist says he will "work up a quote." That sounds expensive.

Anonymous said...


I'll look forward to that fish story. Maybe it will be even bigger by then :)

Actually what I meant there was where is a picture of the fish? You'd think the newspaper photo guy would kind of wanted that in there.


Ron said...

I do remember holding the fish up and pictures were taken. However, I never saw any of those pictures. The fish was a rainbow trout, 13 inches long. My father ate it.

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