Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Happy New Year

Last night several of my friends agreed to join me for Mumbo Jumbo Burger night at the Purple Parrot restaurant in Rehoboth Beach. This was our New Year's Eve celebration. We're too old to stay up for tomorrow night's standard New Year's Eve celebration. We'll all be in bed by 10 o'clock tomorrow night except me, and I'll be working at the Inn until 11 PM. I will get home in time to watch the countdown but it will be in the comfort and quiet of my own bedroom. I prefer that alternative than to paying some outrageously high cover charge to bring in the New Year's at some eatery and then take my chances getting hit by a drunk driver on the way home.

We discussed New Year's Eve celebrations of the past and we all agreed that New Year's Eve is perhaps the most overrated holiday of the year. Big whoop. The best times I had on New Year's was back in the 70's during my peak bar hopping and socializing days. I'm long past those days both mentally and physically. I have no regrets. I've had my share of good times. (This is beginning to sound like a Frank Sinatra song.) Now it is the turn of much younger folk. I hope they are lucky enough to experience the adventures that I did in my youth. They should only be so lucky.

Normally, I'm not off on Monday nights. My work schedule is Monday and Thursday nights. However, this year my co-worker Bob, who works Tuesdays and Wednesdays, asked me to trade with him on New Year's Eve so he could attend a family function. Sure, why not? I have nothing planned for New Year's Eve. I would be glad to trade time slots with him.

Usually, my friends and I gather on Sunday nights at the Purple Parrot (or as we call it "The Feathered One") for a festive time. The Purple Parrot runs specials. Sunday nights are Prime Rib night. Mondays, are "Mumbo Jumbo Night." That's a pound of char grilled hamburger boys and girls with your own fixins. One pound. That's a lot of meat to eat at one sitting. But, the burger is so good that most of us dispatched that one pound hamburger down our pie holes. All except Wayne and myself. I can be a pig, but one pound of hamburger is a bit much for me. Wayne also had a some left on his plate too before the waiter took out plates away.

The video shows a little gentle joking about my rhinestone embedded Basic Back Shirt . I like dark solid colors but I also like color. A few weeks ago I was in the cloth section at the Dover Wal-Mart and a package of sparkling rhinestones caught my eye. Years ago I had sewed some flowers and bluebirds on my Dad's western shirt. I liked it so much, I sewed some of that same embroidery on one of my "going out to the bar" western shirts. It was always a hit. I got lots of attention. So, I thought, why not? I'm all about getting attention and spicing up life for myself and friends around me. I wasted no time in purchasing the most glittery packet of rhinestones that I could find. Yesterday, while trying to decide what to wear, the influence of the Philadelphia Mummer's Parade came out in me. All those years in the 70's when I trudged into center city Philadelphia to shiver in the cold and watch the Mummer's Parade and dart in and out of the Westbury and Allegro bars to keep warm, was coming to the fore now. Ah, to relive those memories of the past. So it was that last night, with my glittery applications, I relieved those days of yore when I was young, pretty and full of energy. If only for an hour or so. Today it is back to reality. Wrinkes, gray hairs, and an aching back.

Last night it was good to get together again with friends. To gently poke fun at one another and have a good laugh. We can never bring back yesterday but we can make today special. We did that last night. Happy New Year to one and all.


nitewrit said...


There is no way I could eat a one pound hamburger. A couple restaurants we frequent have halkf ound hamburgers and I can eat about two-thirds of them.


Ron said...


I can't eat one pound of hamburger either although I tried it. The last time I ate the whole thing and was sick. This time I ate most of it and was still gagged. Pig that I am.

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