Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Having just got off of a five day stretch of work at the Inn, I was looking forward to the next week and a half of doing what I want to do. My first plan to visit my Mom in Pennsylvania went awry the first day. I had planned to spend three days visiting Mom. Monday, my first day off, was bright and sunny. But alas, the rest of the week rain was forecast. Since Pennsylvania is in a colder temperate zone, there was a good possibility that rain would be freezing rain. Thus I postponed my trip until this Friday or Saturday, when sunny skies are forecast again.

My next plan was to work on my new computer, building my genealogy files. But first, I wanted to print out a few pictures as a Christmas gift for my neighbor Barbara. An innocent enough task one would say. Ha! You know how little things turn into big things? That is just what happened. For the third time my HP Photosmart All-In-One printer had disappeared again from my computer. I try to print and I get the message “Cannot detect an HP device.” What? This has happened before. Last week I took the best part of a morning to install and reinstall the HP software. It worked. Now it doesn’t work.

I think I know what the problem is. Periodically, every week or so, I get a pop up message from HP asking me if I want to search the Internet for the latest updates. Well, NO! I like my printer just the way it is. I am very reluctant to jump on every download because too frequently these update downloads cause a software conflict with my computer. This is only a way for the software companies to make more money because software doesn’t wear out like a car. The only time I will consider a download is if it improves or corrects a problem I’m having. With my HP Photosmart All-In-One, I hardly use it. I only use it for photos and then every time I turn around it gives me a message I have to replace another cartridge. At $14.97 a cartridge, this gets to be a pretty pricey procedure after a while. I notice that when I answer “No” to the request to update a download, I no longer have my HP Photosmart All-In-One operating on my computer.

I have no idea what I’m doing to cause this. I think the HP programmers have a program in the software to disable my program on my PC. I visited HP’s web site for help. You know how much help that was. After plowing through that web site, my hair (what’s left of it) hurt.

Then, just to get away from this frustration I went on my other computer to do some relaxing data entry on my genealogical records. I use So I’m checking one of the Federal census records and I get the message “Would I like to download and enhanced version of the Adobe reader” so I can read the original census records. I thought “Sure! Why not?” HA! So I download. Then I get a message that my computer needs to know which program to read the DOWNLOAD. I give up. I put a call into my Computer Guy. He’ll be here tomorrow. At least I’m keeping someone in business.


nitewrit said...


The wonderful world of modern technology.


Ron said...

Considering how wired I am in this house (how in the world did we ever get along in the Fifties?), I'm not doing too bad. That said, it is frustrating that my printer keeps disappearing from my computer. I just know that HP has some kind of embeded message to deactivate my HP setup if I don't comply with their wishes for yet another UPGRADE.

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