Wednesday, December 03, 2008

December Is Here

Christmas is only a few weeks away. I notice that the older I get the faster time passes by. When I was young, very young, it seemed like forever until Christmas arrived. I enjoy the holidays but I just can’t get into all the decoration. I’ll look at others. We do have one of the white pines that border our property covered in multicolored lights. That’s about as festive as we’ll get this Christmas.

Yesterday Bill drove me to Dover for my dental appointment to have my teeth cleaned. For years I had the same dentist in Downingtown and was very pleased with him. This year that dentist and his wife retired. Oh yes, they also retired to Delaware. It was with some apprehension that I went on the search for a new dentist. At work I signed up for an HMO plan. I wouldn’t have my choice of dentist. As it turned out, I’ve been very fortunate. The dentists I’ve at the dental clinic in Dover have all been very good. However, yesterday I received some bad news. My dentist advised me that I would have to have a bridge removed because I no longer had bone support underneath the bridge. Here we go again. I turned down the dental implants option. I’ll have a partial bridge installed. My dentist will call back with an estimate. Just when I think I’m done with the big bills, here comes another one. Life goes on.

My PC Guy stopped by today and just about finished setting up my new computer with all of my old files. What a job that has been. Again, I am fortunate to have such a friend who is able to provide this service. With my new PC I have a new level of comfort and security. My PC will automatically backup to an external hard drive at 1 AM every morning. Now I no longer have to worry about my PC crashing and losing all of my pictures and genealogy software.

The past several nights I have been up late updating my family tree on For many years I had dreamed of winning the lottery and having enough money to set up an office and concentrate solely on updating my family tree. My ultimate goal is to leave a book on my branch of the Tipton family tree. It looks like that goal is obtainable now. And I didn’t have to win the lottery to set up my office dedicated to family research. I just have to update recent births. That means a lot of phone calls to first cousins once removed. What is a first cousin once removed you ask? That is the son or daughter of my first cousin. I’m of the age where the first cousins once removed now have grandchildren. You know what that means? I’m getting old.

Tomorrow I will start on my Christmas cards. That is how I really celebrate Christmas. For years I’ve been exchanging Christmas cards with relatives, friends, former school mates, and former co-workers. Most of these people I haven’t seen for years. This is the one time I keep in touch during the year. I usually like to include a picture of myself to let them know how young I look. Alas, that didn’t work this year. I thought I would go for the “serious look.” That was a mistake. It is scary. I look like an undertaker. I held back the hands of Father Time for many years but I fear he has caught up with me. Thus, I created another card with a more distant view of my face. Hopefully I won’t scare too many folks off with my Christmas card. I deliberately didn’t smile because I wanted one of those serious old timey pictures of yore. Be care what you wish for.

By the way, see those bags under my eyes? I earned them.


nitewrit said...


Serious? This the time to make merry and cheery, not dreary, unless you are auditioning for the part of Scrooge in the local dinner theater production of "A Christmas Carol".


Ron said...

Well, I have 50 of those "serious" cards. I'll send most of them out to my genealogy contacts. That should get their attention. I do have an alternative Christmas card which is the ones I am sending out. It is of the usual fun loving, good times Ron. Seriously though, if I was to take a plane trip now I would have to check in those bags under my eyes. What do they charge? Five bucks each?

Anonymous said...


I think it would have been an excellent photo as is with the exception of a nice toothy smile. :)

In a related matter, I wonder what you think of updating your "About Me" photo. It's a new year coming and you look rather dour in that one too.

Best of luck working on the book!


Anonymous said...

I hope you found a new dentist. It's hard to find a new dentist especially if its like yours that have been with you for a long time. Good luck.

Ron said...


Great minds think alike. I was considering updating my photo. I look best when I'm not posing. I'm too self conscious when I know my picture is being taken. Remnants from a poor self image childhood which I am still overcoming.

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