Sunday, July 13, 2008


First, as you can see by the blog picture of the day, my bluebird house now has four new eggs. The last batch had five, which I think was one too many. Four seems to fit nicely in the neat bluebird nest. Funny thing, I rarely see the momma bluebird around the nest. She's very low key. Unlike the Purple Martin condominium a few yards away. One of the Purple Martins has taken it upon him or herself to be the Head Purple Martin. Whenever I go out to my shed, which I have to pass by the Purple Martin condos, the Head Purple Martin dive bombs me with a loud "squawk!" That's all right, she's just protecting her babies.

If you're a regular reader of this blog, I want to bring you up to date on some older subjects that I written about in the past.

1) Sasha - the Russian housekeeper worker at the Inn where I work is doing fine. Since I work the evening shift, she is usually gone by the time I get in at 3 PM. However, last week our paths did overlap. She was just finishing up one of the courtyard rooms and passed by me at the front desk. She had a big smile on her face as she greeted me. She was very relaxed. The other housekeepers were in the kitchen. As Sasha entered the kitchen, I heardthem greet her. Apparently Sasha has been accepted and it shows in her demeanor. After the other housekeepers left for the day, Sasha was still in the kitchen. She was sitting at one of the little tables by the refrigerator, punching in a number on her cell phone. Seeing me, she asked "Can I call Russia? I clocked out." I said "Sure." She doesn't need my permission to call home. She was very polite to ask me though. After she made her call, she told me she was going to eat her lunch now. Again, sort of asking my permission. I noted that she was eating her lunch after she had clocked out whereas the other housekeepers eat while clocked in.

2) Wayne - my friend who I had the contretemps with a few months back. Our friendship is back on again (at least it is from my side). We're not doing Sunday dinner at the Purple Parrot now because of the influx of summer tourists. It's almost impossible to get a parking space in Rehoboth. The restaurant is crowded. Service is poor. We'll wait until the tourist leave then resume our regular Sunday night outings. Wayne is leaving for New Orleans this week to see friends he hasn't seen in almost 50 years. Yes, Wayne is VERY OLD.

3) I've started a new political blog called "Not a Ditto Head". Ditto head refers to those Rush Limbaugh lovers who nod their head and say "ditto" to everything that fat clown says. The presidential race is well underway and I just couldn't hold my views to myself any longer. However, I didn't want to sully up this blog with those views because they are offensive to so many of my friends and relatives (they are unenlightened obviously, forgive them).

4) The shocking thing that happened to me at work a few weeks back is still unresolved. I'm hoping it will go away on its own but I doubt it. I am not going to go into any more detail on that incident in this blog because it is a privacy issue. I only wrote about it because it upset me so much.

5) My Mom is coming down to visit us in August. I hope the visit will help her out of her depression. I think a change of scenery will be good for her. However, I have to get her out of her room and away from "The Price Is Right" and "O'Reilly" and to see the sights of Slower Lower Delaware. Maybe I can arrange for a guided tour through one of the local chicken processing plants.

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  1. Enjoying the music of course! Nice of you to update et. al., easier than going through the entries, and I think that will be a great feature if you do that every 6 to 8 weeks.

    Thank you for the visit to Journey to Sleep; whether you have trouble sleeping or not, it's pleasant and relaxing I think.

    Not going to add anything but good links when I find them; keeping the pix all the same - it's more calming to look at I think.



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