Friday, July 25, 2008

New Baby Bluebirds

We have new baby bluebirds! I checked this morning first thing (as I always do). What I saw was four blue eggs. After returning from my Friday morning visit to the super WalMart in Milford, I checked again. Two new bluebirds! I'm hesitant to keep interfering with Mama and Papa bluebird in raising their young, but I have to check. The Purple Martins are gone. The sparrows have taken over their house. An occasional grackle swoops over by the bluebird house but they are quickly chased away by Mama and Papa bluebird. The other two bluebird houses remain empty. There are no other predator threats to the bluebirds on my property. This is the second year the bluebirds have raised their young in this particular bluebird box. Success!


  1. Congratualtions, proud papa Ron - you're so kind....

    Such a loving soul, and too bad those bluebirds have no idea just how much!

  2. The sparrows continue to hang around the Purple Martin house. The Purple Martins left about two weeks ago. I see no reason now to evict the sparrows. I don't know if they're raising their young because I don't see their nesting materials sticking out of the entrance like I did before. I checked the baby bluebirds again this morning. Each day they're growing more and more. They look so comfortable and snug in their neat nest. Four seems to be just the right number of babybluebirds to occupy a nest. Such gentle birds. I'm glad I can provide a home for them to raise their young.


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