Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Little Piece of Heaven

A friend sent this one word reply this morning in an e-mail that I had sent to her yesterday in reference to how much we love living in southern Delaware.

"It's amazing how often our little piece of heaven changes with all the constraints of time, mellowed with appreciations of beauty."

Well said.

She and her husband are in the process of selling their house in Pennsylvania and moving to their lovely "Little Piece of Heaven" in Delaware. Like me, she and her husband decided that they had enough of the confiscatory taxes of Pennsylvania and the daily grind of just surviving in that lovely wooded state which means "Penn's Woods."

Each day in my new Delaware home is a treasure. No matter what the weather, I treat each day as a gift. Today it is warm and humid. I'll go out to my backyard and change the water in my five bird baths. By the time I get back in, I'll probably be drenched with sweat. While I'm out "making the rounds", I'll check the bluebird house. The baby bluebird occupants should now have the beginnings of fine feathers on their naked bodies. Even the Bad News de jour (homeowners fees are going up) can't ruin this day for me. I have a friend who is considering moving from this area because he no longer feels involved in the community. I am sorry for him that his enjoyment of this area is dependent on having a long term relationship and being involved in volunteer activities, which he no longer feels welcomed because he isn't in a relationship. I guess different people look for different things where they live. I cannot apply my own level of needs and comfort to someone else. Of course financial requirements trump all. If one cannot support oneself down here, one must consider moving to a different area of the country where one is more financially secure. I'm fortunate that I am retired and have receive retirement income as well as Social Security. I work part-time at a job that I enjoy. The income earned from that part-time job enables be to keep up with the ever increasing cost of living. I hope my friend finds the peace, happiness and financial security he is looking for. As for me, I'm loving my little piece of heaven.


  1. Nice entry. By the way, I was trying to find that 'one word' that you said summed it all up.

    Did I mis-read? I can't find the single word, but NIRVANA strikes me as I read about how happy you are.


  2. I misspoke myself. I meant to say "One sentence reply." NIRVANA is a good word though! Have a happy!


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