Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Day After Part Two

Included are additional pictures I took this morning of the aftermath of tearing out the sparrows' nesting from my Purple Martin birdhouse. I tried to include it in my previous blog but apparently there is a problem with including a video and pictures in the same blog. The first picture is of the now empty Purple Martin birdhouse with the sparrow nesting at the base. The second picture shows the sparrow pair perched below the Purple Martin birdhouse after I tore their nesting out. The last picture shows their nesting, including one egg, at the base of the Purple Martin birdhouse. While this may seem like harsh measures to some who read this blog, it is not near as harsh as dead Purple Martin nestlings that had holes punched in their heads by these same sparrows. Sparrows are very resourceful. This is a wide open area here in coastal Delaware with many nooks and crevices for sparrows to make their nests. I don't how how long it will take the sparrows to understand that their choice of nesting will not work in this particular Purple Martin birdhouse. I've been told they are programmed to do what they do. Unfortunately they are a non-native species of bird that was introduced to this continent many years ago. Their introduction to the native bird species of this country has had devastating consequences for the native bird population. I may not be able to control this disaster but I can affect change in my own backyard habitat. In my area of southern Delaware, millions of chickens are hauled away daily to their doom. I feel for each and every chicken. I don't feel sorry for these sparrows who have to look for another home. Besides, the Purple Martins catch a lot more mosquitoes than the sparrows. Since I've had the Purple Martin birdhouse up (and also my adjoining neighbor), I have not had the mosquito problem I've had in previous years. I doubt that the sparrows are responsibile for the elimination of my mosquito problem. I think it is perhaps the Purple Martins who deserve credit. To show my thanks, I will continue to provide a sparrow free home for them.


  1. Lar and Diane,
    I have unverified comments on my blog. I think I've just been spammed. What do you think? I'm going to verify my postings from here on out.

  2. I've set up word verification on this blog. Interesting that I got three positive comments within one minute on my blog. First, strangers rarely comment favorable on a blog. Second, three comments that fast? You tell me that's not spam. Look at the names. The spammers are alive and well!

  3. They just keep getting more clever don't they.

    I remember a few entries ago, when the lotto (or lottery) 'commented' on an entry of yours.

    Looks as if they have a series of pre-programmed 'statements/comments', and they just let the computer have at it...

    The corn looks great in that one photo - remember all the corn we planted (both sweet and field); takes lots of water and fertilizer, so hope you're having some good rains.

    I'll just go back to using e-mail for comments now that you've had to put up those letters that are difficult for me to ever figure out with my reading glasses. When I don't get it right, it won't post and I have to keep trying until a set of letters comes up that I can truly read easily.

    Right now it looks like gczgpnjl will work.....

    Nope, didn't work. Now it also wants my user name and my password - that's just too much of a bother when I can e-mail you my remarks. Diane

  4. Diane,
    It worked. Your comment made it to my blog. No more spam from the likes of "sweepstakes lotto". Oh how they try to reel in the unsuspecting. I wonder what rock these creatures who spew out this spam live under?

  5. Ron,

    I don't what you got as spam, didn't see it, but that is why I have the verification. It takes a human to translate. I sometimes have trouble with those kooky letters too, but I just persist. I also have the moderation so if I get anything like spam or worse, I don't have it publish on my Blog. So far I haven't stopped anything. I have published every comment I have received.


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