Saturday, July 12, 2008

Crop Duster Part Deux

The other day, while I was out in my backyard gardening, I heard a plane flying low overhead. It was a crop duster, spraying the cornfields that border my backyard. Sensing another photo opportunity, I grabbed my digital camera and started to shoot away. I took several videos, trying for that interesting sequence to put on my daily blog. Standing in my backyard in the open, I reviewed the videos I took on my camera. As I was doing this, I heard the plane get louder. I looked up and saw the pilot fly directly over my head. I smelled something. Now I don't know if he sprayed me but I definitely smelled something and it wasn't roses. I think he gave me a little spritz of what he was spraying on the cornfields. Maybe there was a residue. Later, as I was talking to my neighbor Bob, he told me that he thought the pilot was hot dogging him while he was mowing his lawn so he give him the Finger. His wife came out and told Bob that the pilot was actually crop dusting the corn field that borders on his property. I think the pilot thought I was the one who gave him the Solitary Salute. Thus, I got a dose. I am now cootie free.


  1. Ron,

    My suggestion to you is get the identification numbers on that plane if possible and report it to the FAA or whatever authority in Delaware controls such things. You don't know what is in those chemicals he's dropping. There are rules about low flying aircraft over residential neighborhoods and probably about dropping sprays on backyards with people in them too. This guy sounds reckless and irresponsible. Has this stuff harmed any of your birds?

  2. This guy flies REALLY LOW over the neighborhood and Route 1. A couple of times I've seen the pilot take one last low flying sweep up Route 1 right after he finished a crop dusting. Rt. 1 runs north and south, the airport is across the road. There is no reason for him (her?) to do that other than hot dogging. I'm not sure if that was residual spray or not. When he dusted the field next to my back yard, I saw a white powder like substance. There was none when he flew over me. But he did see me taking a video and headed my way which wasn't necessary because he didn't fly over my back yard to get to the field. It was obvious that he was giving me a "shot."

  3. Because of the restrictions on what can be 'sprayed' to the degree any crop-duster is using to either drop certain chemicals to allow the plant to be resistant to 'bugs' and 'blights', as well as using fertilizers that have to be free from toxins, I'd say you're pretty darned safe.

    Check into the restrictions first - you'll probably be quite satisfied.

    If you start growing taller at a rapid rate, then you'll know it was fertilizer, and soon you'll be tall enough to yank the plane from the sky, and give him the 'word' (smile). Diane

  4. I think I'm safe from any harm. I used to be 6'4". The past 10 years I've shrunk to 6'3". If I started regaining my height, I will know what happened.

  5. Hi all,
    My name is Blair and I am local Ag Pilot in Sussex County. I would love to explain how and why we do what we do. I assure you that we don't hot dog or dispense material in a wreckless manner. We are doing a job for agriculture and the local farmers of our home. Please feel to contact me via cell or email.


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