Sunday, May 25, 2008

Wedding on the Beach

Mark marries his bride Jenny on the beach in Lewes, Delaware May 24, 2008. Saturday, May 24th, was a perfect day for a wedding on the beach. Even though nor'easter that blew through here earlier this month took a lot of the Delaware Bay beach out to sea, there was enough left to have a gathering of families for the wedding of Mark and Jenny. The temperature hovered around 72 degrees, no humidity, and the winds that buffeted the beach earlier in the week had died down. Friends and family gathered to witness the event, seated on white folding chairs on the beach. The wedding was held at the groom's parent's house, at the request of the groom. Mark always wanted to be married on the beach. The wedding was planned months ago. No one could have predicted that the weather would cooperate so fully. There were smiles all around. Even the flower girl got into the act, much to the delight of the onlookers. Years from now, the bride and groom will show this video to their children and grandchildren to show them how to do a perfect wedding. Congratulations to both the newlyweds and our wishes for many, many years of happiness.



Hi - going to try and comment on the great video again.

The word verification is xowtm, but I'd just say WOW - love the view of the guests; the bride - the darling little flower girl...beautiful weather! Diane

Ron said...

For a wedding that was planned over a year ago, they were incredibly lucky to have the weather they had. Almost every weekend this year has been either wet, cold, windy or all three. The God's looked upon us last Saturday. Praise be the Lord!