Sunday, May 25, 2008

Paul's Birthday

Friends gather for our usual Sunday night dinner at the Purple Parrot restaurant in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. Tonight was special because it was our friend Paul's birthday. We're not telling how old he really is but he doesn't have to show his ID card anymore to get into a bar.


  1. Hi Ron: My playlist hasn't worked for 24 hours - yours isn't either. I've had to go to each blog, and tell the readers to hit the POP OUT PLAYER tab, in order for the list to work.

    Damn people; they're taking us for another 'ride', I think. Diane

  2. Diane,

    Actually, mine is working. Never stopped working. Both on my blog and their website. Have you checked your computer? Of course, check to make sure your speakers are turn on.

  3. Oops, correction. Now it isn't working. You may be on to something.

  4. The music is working again. I wonder what was that all about?

  5. Hi - first the music. There was a 'banner posting' on the website apologizing for the fact certain play-lists weren't working.

    That's an 'oh well', since it's working perfectly today (Sunday, June 1,2008).

    Now: Where are your videos? Big blank spaces show they should be there.

    Did your Frankenstein monster swipe them?

    We'll be leaving again; back to the mountains to keep cool; laundry is almost done, and the clothes we needed (but forgot) will be with us.

    Have a great week - get those videos back up if you can tear them away from the monster! Diane

  6. Diane,

    The video is working on my website. Never left. What Internet provider do you use? The problem might reside there.


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