Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Mom was sitting in her usual chair when I made an unannounced visit to her this past Saturday. I didn't tell her I was coming because she would just worry. I find it’s better to just walk in and say “Hi Mom!” just as I did for years when I lived one road across from her home in Pennsylvania. She had a new haircut and fresh perm. Molly, her 14 year old calico cat, was languorously stretched out on the back of the couch facing my Mother. The TV was on as usual. She didn’t turn it off. She never does. It’s something I find older people do, they’re so used to having TV as company; they don’t think to turn it off when they get real company. That’s alright with me. It’s my Mom. She’s 84 years old now. Widowed since August 22, 2000 when my father died of lung cancer after a long illness. She lives with my younger brother Isaac in the same modest ranch house that was built in 1958. Isaac is the sibling who takes care of Mom. I have a room set aside for her as does my other brother John, who lives in South Carolina. However, she prefers to remain where she spent many happy years with Pop, her husband of 60 years. Mom, Isaac, Molly and Molly's brother Rusty, all call home the white stucco house that sits on three acres of East Brandywine Township highly taxed land. I brought along the gossip magazines I had accumulated since my last visit. Mom loves the National Enquirer just as much as her son. Enquiring minds want to know. My partner Bill also contributed his accumulation of Reader’s Digest magazines. We are a family that recycles. We couldn’t stay too long. It is a 2 ½ drive from Delaware to Pennsylvania and another 2 ½ drive back. I had hoped to also visit a friend and see his newly remodeled kitchen. Also on tap was a visit to Wegmans supermarket. A visit to Pennsylvania is not complete unless we stock up on the Wegmans goodies. We have lunch at their Asian buffet bar. It is a gastronomic adventure not to be missed. Slower Lower Delaware knows nothing like it, to my great regret. After a short visit we were on our way but not before giving Mom a big hug. Our family was never into hugs, but now as I’ve gotten older I have found the value of hugs. I only have one Mom. I have to let her know I love her. See you next month Mom.

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  1. And how I love that song - YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL! A super entry, Ron!!! I love reading your blog. Diane


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