Saturday, May 24, 2008

Jack and Judy Leave for the Wedding

The perfect house guests, Jack and Judy, prepared to leave for their son's wedding today on the beach at Cape Henlopen. As Jack said, they were "fully fed and properly ready to tackle the world." Their son Mark was to be married today at 3 pm or thereabouts on the sands in front of Jack and Judy's home on Cape Shores Drive, on Delaware Bay near Cape Henlopen and the Cape May/Lewes Ferry. This video was taken this morning before the wedding of Jack and Judy's son Mark and his lovely bride. I left around 2 o'clock in the afternoon for their house to take additional videos. I took the videos with my Canon Power Shot digital camera. Prior to today, I had only taken short 10 or 15 second videos. Today was going to be a test. I had purchased a 4 gigabyte memory card from Walmart yesterday. I already had a 1 gigabyte memory card. After a short visit to Cape Henlopen State Park (it's so near Jack and Judy's place and I've only been there once which I am ashamed to say. This negligence falls into the same category of all the years I worked in Center City Philadelphia and I never once visited the Liberty Bell or Independence Hall). I arrived at Jack and Judy's house which was duly festooned with gaily colored wide pink ribbons fluttering in the ocean breeze to denote a special event that was taking place today on the eastern shores of this Delaware coast where we retired. I went around to the back of their house which sits right on the bay (looking out their living room windows at the always changing waters of the bay is like cruising on an ocean liner) and saw several young men in white shirts and black pants putting in place the folding chairs for the soon to be nuptials. It wasn't long after this that the bride made her grand and graceful entrance down the wood steps that bore their scars of almost constant bombardment of sea salt air proudly, to the beach in her pristine white gown. The contrast between the gray rough weathered wood steps and the bride's smooth while silk gown was startling. I began taking videos with my modest unprepossessing Canon digital camera. It wasn't too long until my 1 gigabyte card was out of memory. I put in the 4 gigabyte card. It lasted until the groom gave his bride the kiss that signaled the end of the ceremonies. I had just enough memory left to take some pictures of the cute little flower girl and ring bearer who looked adorable in his little black suit (where did his parents get that size?) After the ceremonies I rush down to Walmart through the Saturday afternoon Route 1 traffic and downloaded my memory cards to their machine that does all kinds of wonderful things with that little memory card that now holds so much history. An hour later I had my CD-ROMS. I was anxious when I got home to see the finished videos. I inserted the first CD-ROM in my D drive. Nothing. Grinding and grinding. Oh, I had to have the Walmart software. I download that. Still the grinding and grinding. My computer is 7 years old. In the computer world that's not even dog years. Seven years in the computer world is like 87 years in human years. My CD-RW drive wasn't up to it. Thus, I copied the 1 gigabyte memory card to my computer's hard drive, thus taking up more space. That space is finite. It doesn't expand. Maybe I should of used a camcorder at the wedding. I got away from using camcorders because I just did not videotape that much to justify a half hour of one subject. When I discovered that my little Cannon Power Shot recorded as well as take great digital pictures, I was in amateur photographer, record memories, maven heaven. However, today I pushed the envelope just a little too far. Tomorrow night at the Purple Parrot, it's back to the 15-20 second bites. No more weddings......unless it's mine.



Loved it - sorry you didn't have a wedding video so I could look at that too.

Sounds like your week-end is going great. Regards, Diane

Ron said...

Wedding videos are coming! Taking a while to download (or upload).