Tuesday, May 20, 2008

House Guests

This weekend Bill and I are welcoming our first house guests. No, the house guests will not be the Determined Sparrow and his mate. Our house guests will be Jack and Judy, dear friends for a long time. Judy and I graduated from Downingtown High School in 1959. We renewed our friendship at a class reunion 10 years ago. When I was building my house in Delaware in 2006, Jack and Judy graciously offered me the use of their lovely house that is located right on the Rehoboth Bay in Lewes, Delaware. Jack and Judy told me that when they were building their house some years previously, friends of theirs had offered them the use of their house during its building process. They said how useful it was to be able to monitor the building of their house without the added expense of renting a hotel room each time they visited. They were spending the winter at their Florida condo and they told me I could use their house anytime time I wanted. What wonderful friends. I was so appreciative because it did help me a great deal during the building process of my house that I offered them the use of my house anytime they needed a place to stay. That time has come. Their son is getting married this weekend. Jack and Judy have seven children and numerous grandchildren, so it didn’t take long to fill up their house, as big as it is. I am so glad that we can offer our hospitality to such a wonderful couple and dear friends. When I built this house I specifically wanted a guest quarters. That’s why I took the option for a bonus room upstairs to this ranch house. My previous house in Pennsylvania was large but did not offer guest quarters. It was a Dutch Colonial house with four bedrooms. However, there were only two and a half bathrooms. There was one bathroom off the master bedroom (my room), another bathroom in the hallway for the other three second floor bedrooms. Downstairs there was another half bath. My partner occupied one of the bedrooms at the end of the hallway and used the second bathroom as his personal bathroom. Thus, if we had company, they either had to use my bathroom or my partner’s bathroom. We did not have good accommodations for company. That configuration was one that I definitely wanted to change when I built our new house in Delaware. Now we have a bonus room that has its own bedroom, bathroom and living room. This bonus room on the second floor affords privacy from the rest of the house for both guests and hosts. This works. Tonight Jack and Judy are going to join me and several of my neighbors for dinner at the Tokoyo Steak House in Lewes. What a great way to introduce my neighbors to my house guests! Tomorrow Jack and Judy “move in.” In the meantime, I’m still keeping a wary eye out for my uninvited guest, the Determined Sparrow.

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