Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Flower Girl Gets Involved

During the beach wedding of Mark and Jenny, the bride and groom began a ceremony that involved sand. Normally, candles would be used in a wedding ceremony. One candle represented the bride. Another candle representedthe groom. The third candle would represent Christ. However, since this wedding took place on the beach, where the wind is almost always ever present, it was decided to use sand. Thus, when the minister began the ceremony of sand which would signify the unity of the bride, groom and Christ; Anna, the flower girl decided to get involved. Anna saw the bride and groom reach down for sand. So, she decided to join them. Why not? It was a Day at the Beach for Anna. Years from now, as a grown woman, Anna will surely look back on this video and see just how charming she was as a flower girl on this May day on the Delaware Bay beach in Lewes, Delaware.

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  1. This is working great now. Love it - it's the one I saw last week. Looks like everything is perfect on your blog now. Diane


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