Friday, May 23, 2008

The Feathered One

The “Feathered One” is our group’s nickname for the Purple Parrot restaurant in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you’ll remember that the author had, shall we say a “dust up”, with another member of the group. Looking back on The Incident in retrospect, it was probably a combination of a misunderstanding and too much alcohol. I won’t go over the details of The Incident here (see my previous blogs on this subject), but I have decided that life is too short to carry my anger over such a trivial matter that had more to do with the tone of words used and a misunderstanding of a situation (late delivery of food to the author) than what really happened. The past two weeks I have not attended the Sunday night meeting of this group of friends at the Purple Parrot. Last week I was going to attend but I made the mistake of reading a couple of e-mails from the other party, which were written shortly after The Incident. I had delayed reading them because I was so angry. Well, that was a mistake because reading those week old e-mails brought back all the angry words and misunderstanding of the situation anew. My anger returned sans the alcohol. However, I have had a week to cool off and have decided that the whole series of circumstances leading up to The Incident just isn’t worth ostracizing my self from a group of friends that I truly like and respect, including the individual who triggered my anger with his ill chosen words. He probably still doesn’t see the situation that way and that is all well and fine. I am moving on. Yesterday another member of our group sent me an e-mail asking if anyone was up for “the Feathered One” Sunday night. I thought, “Why not?” My partner asked “Are you going if HE is there?” I said “Why not?” If HE doesn’t want to talk or is uncomfortable, I can’t do anything about that. However, Rehoboth Beach is a small town and the gay community is even smaller. Even more minute is having good friends you like, respect and whose company is mutually enjoyable. That is more important than any perceived disrespect or hurtful words hurled in anger between friends. To quote another friend of ours who will be unable to meet with us this Sunday night:
I will be working on a research project from 6 to 8 so will not be able to feather the nest this Sunday. Be kind to each other.”
Good advice Harvey.


  1. A great photo and such GOOD NEWS! Regards, Diane

  2. Harvey on the left, Wayne in the center and me on the right.

  3. Thanks! I'm honest to a fault sometimes.

  4. It's refreshing. Don't change.


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