Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Dinner at the Tokyo Steak House

The neighbors and I gathered for a fun dinner at the Tokoyo Steakhouse in Lewes Delaware tonight. We're all retirees from other states. Bob and Barbara are from New Jersey. Rich and Mary are from Florida. Bob and Josie are from New York. Jane and Tom are from Pennsylvania. Ray and Frances are also from Pennsylvania. I consider myself extremely fortunate to have such good neighbors. That was not the case in Pennsylvania. Of course you cannot chose your neighbors, it's the luck of the draw. Well, this time I got very lucky. Pictured in the You Tube video are my house guests for the weekend, Jack and Judy. Their son is getting married this weekend on the beach in Lewes and their children and grandchildren have taken over their house. They are welcome guests in my home this weekend. I can now repay their kindness to me when they let me stay in their home when my house was being built in early 2006. Pictured in the video is Judy and Jack attempting to catch a flying shrimp from the grill. Right before I took this video, Igor (yes, that was his name - his father was Russian and his mother Asian) flipped a shrimp at me and I caught it! That was a first. I guess that proves I have a big mouth. Even though I work part-time, I consider myself "retired." To me, this is what retirement is all about. Enjoying a night out with friends. Even better, these friends are my neighbors. It just doesn't get any better than this.

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Great, Ron! I loved it - you have happy friends; joyous to be specific...

It's late at your end - getting that way here.

Tomorrow is the big day; now I can eat steak! Regards, Diane