Saturday, May 17, 2008

Bill Chases Barbara

To take a lighthearted new direction from my recent blog postings, I am posting this video I took about a week ago of my partner Bill playing a joke on our neighbor Barbara. He waited until she took a turn around her and then fell in behind her, walking closely. Look carefully and you'll see Barbara coming around the turn, waving at me taking her video, realizing that Bill is right behind her. Thank goodness she didn't fall off the mower! Now that would have been a video.
As a follow-up to the sparrow drama, this morning my Determined Sparrow was again rebuilding his nest in the Purple Martin house. I, again, tore it out. After I got back from breakfast at Zorba's Restaurant in Rehoboth Beach with Bill, I looked out my sun room window and saw that my Determined Sparrow was now building his nest in one of the blue bird boxes. In fact, it was the box that I found five dead sparrows last week. They had probably died from the heavy rains of the nor'easter. I decided to compromise and let the sparrow build his nest. A few minutes later I saw two sparrows on the landing at the Purple Martin house making whoopee. Obviously time was of the essence. Later, I checked the blue bird house and discovered that the sparrow's nest was almost finished. I will monitor the progress of the nesting sparrows and keep the readers of this blog informed. Again, I have to thank "Happy in Nevada" for her thoughtful suggestion to "make room for all" in my backyard. Thank you Diane.


  1. Dear Ron: You brought tears of happiness to my eyes - I noticed that Determine Sparrow has the same initials as I do (Diane Stirling).

    It was wonderful to realize that though we live thousands of miles from each other, our hearts could 'talk' and at least come to some type of compromise.

    Like you, I so worship the blue-bird; how they would make my heart 'jump' when I'd see one in the tree each and every spring and throughout the summer.

    I never knew there was a 'bird box' just for blue-birds; surely I'd have created one as well.

    As I said, I ventured only to serve my little wrens since they seemed to have so much trouble keeping their nests in tact when so many other birds would destroy their homes.

    Those gourds I got were from Mexico; after I dried them, I planted the seeds to make more gourds for future wrens.

    I would make the tiniest opening in the gourd so only the smallest of birds would have to compete for 'space'.

    My mother would tell me she thought I was wasting my time because Wrens weren't as pretty as the 'red and blue' birds that are so 'colorful' (but then my mother doesn't like people of color, which hurts me a great deal).

    I used to love my little chipping sparrows - to me, all birds are beautiful; none of us get to pick our 'color' or our 'sex' - not even the country in which we're born.

    I'm glad you showed the spirit of the USA - allowing all 'immigrants' into this country (and your back-yard) with equal opportunity; now you can control equality when we know in the 'real world' of people, we can not.

    Again, I'm just so happy.....

  2. Oh yes, a post-script; great video of B&B (what a glorious yard they have)!!!

    I can see Bill is going to get his jogging in if he keeps that up - he did a darned good job........

    Regards, Diane

  3. Ron, I found your eviction day post less than an uplifting too. You know, I put some food out a couple times a day for the birds and critters around here. We have a variety that come and feast till its gone each day. I don't discriminate on the varieties anymore than I discriminate against the variety of people in my life or the stray cats we've taken in.

    The analogy to Europeans coming doesn’t hold up. First, not all those coming here wiped out the natives and not all natives were wiped out (and since my wife and children are part Native America I'm glad they didn't) Secondly, the natives were not indigenous here either, but were also immigrants at some point of history, and some of these groups wiped out other groups. One would be hard put to find a nation in the world where the current population wasn't made up of invaders from somewhere else at some time or other sad to say. But we can't put that Humpty Dumpty back together again, we can only go forward trying to be better.

    If one wanted to make an analogy with the House Sparrow it would probably be more akin to the bringing slaves against their will to this country to do our labor, for the House Sparrow didn't decide to invade North America and destroy its natives, it was trapped and brought here.

    I realize to many they are considered a pest. But there are a number of humane methods of discouraging Sparrows from nesting at your place. They probably don't work 100%, but its better than killing, I think.

    I guess I'm just soft hearted.


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