Saturday, May 31, 2008

Back up and Running

My computer is back. No, it wasn't a hard drive failure. However, something happened that corrupted my registry. According to Tom (my Computer Guy), the registry is the brains or central core of the computer. If that doesn't work, the computer can't even get started. What corrupted my registry? I suspect it had something to do with me uninstalling and reinstalling my Canon photo software. I couldn't upload my images. After uninstalling and reinstalling the Canon software, I still could not upload my images. Then, perhaps my fatal mistake, I restored my computer to an earlier time. That's when I really had a problem. I got the Blue Screen of Death. Shortly after that I got an error message (which I can't remember the exact text now) that said I had a defective something or other. That effectively stopped my computer from working. It was now time to call in the Heavy Gun, Tom the Computer Guy. He came in the next day, couldn't find immediately what the problem was and asked to take my computer home with him to study it further. The next day he called with "good news and bad news." Don't you just hate those "good news, bad news" messages? I do! Well, the "good news" was that I didn't lose my data files. The bad news was that I would have to reload a lot of software. So, that is where I stand now. Most of the software has been reloaded and everything seems to be working fine except one very important factor. I still can't upload pictures from my Canon digital camera. If you know me, you know how important my pictures are to me and to my daily blog. So, you, the readers of this blog will have to view older pictures until I get this problem straightened out. Tom won't be able to get back to me today, he and his partner are going to a Black and White Ball in Rehoboth Beach tonight. I left a message for him. I hope he can stop over tomorrow and help me with my photo software so I can upload my current pictures. I have some good ones. In the meantime, I'll post older photos that may or may not be appropriate to the current blog that I am posting. This near disaster was a Wake Up Call for me though. I'm going to back up my important files right now. God always has a plan. By the way, the picture on this blog has nothing to do with anything other than it was taken BC. That's not "Before Christ" but "Before Computers." Notice the lack of gray hair. This photo was an old ID picture taken when I worked at Girard Bank in Philadelphia around 1972 - before the advent of the COMPUTER!


Wendy said...

ACK! Not the Blue Screen of Death! I HATE that screen.

Too bad about the picture-uploading issue, but older pictures are fine.

Meanwhile, yes, back-up your files from now on!

Ron said...

I'm alive again! I'm able to upload my pictures. Everything is as it should be. This morning I backed up my very important files and I will do so on a regular basis from now on. This was too close of a call. Thank you Jesus!


Your blog looks great now; the videos show (they were big blank squares yesterday). Love that little flower girl; just darling - such a beautiful day! Diane

Ron said...

It was an absolute perfect day for the wedding on the beach. Could not have been better. Super duper. WOW!