Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Rain In Delaware

The rains fell last night during my shift at the bed and breakfast hotel where I work part-time. The view outside the front door of the Inn is of Gilligan's Restaurant. In the twilight light, the pink dogwood in front of Gilligan's proclaimed that spring has arrived in Delaware. Thus begins a new summer season for the resort communities of coastal Delaware. Summer tourists will arrive from the nearby states of Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Most are seeking to get away from the everyday stresses of their lives. Some are in town on business (working refitting planes at the Sussex County airport in Georgetown). The visitors will stroll down Second Street in Lewes, exploring the unique local stores and dining at the many fine restaurants within walking distance. Many new residents are like me, recent retirees who moved from nearby states. We moved to escape the high taxes of our states and the congested lifestyles. There is some concern now by long time residents of Delaware that the new immigrants like me will affect or destroy the way of life that Slower Lower Delawareans have enjoyed for so long. I would be among the first to be concerned. However, I do believe there is a balance to be attained. Growth can be controlled. While I don't believe in the NIMBY (Not In My Back Yard) theory, I do think certain controls can be in place. A comment on one of my previous blogs mentioned that taxes will go up in Delaware. That might very well be true. Taxes always go up. However, Delaware's tax base is more equitable than Pennsylvania's. I was literally taxed out of my home in Pennsylvania. East Brandywine Township, Pennsylvania, the township where I lived was a magnet for families with school age kids because of its excellent school system. The simple fact was I could no longer afford to live there. Where to go? Asheville, North Carolina? That was an option. Florida? Not an option. Too humid. I decided to go where my friends lived. I decided to move where the taxes were more in line with one's income. I decided to go where the weather was milder. Are there downsides to living in Delaware? Sure. The main one being that I'm so far from anything. My dentist is in Dover. My medical care is the VAMC in Wilmington. In Pennsylvania, I was 10 minutes away from the VAMC in Coatesville, and five minutes away from my dentist. I'm putting a lot of miles on my 10 year old Subaru Forester, traveling to and fro here in Delaware. That said, it is worth it because now I can have tulip bulbs that are safe from squirrels (I have no trees on my property.) There are no deer to eat my shrubbery. I don't have to get my car inpsected every year at an auto dealer which always cost me big bucks. I don't miss the Pennsylvania sales and personal income tax. Delaware does not tax me. I don't miss the smoke in the restaurants. The only thing I really miss is Wegmans.


Unknown said...

You are right... our taxes will still be a bit lower. And Lewes is a lovely place!

Meanwhile, please forgive me, but I have tagged you for one of those annoying blogging memes.

nitewrit said...
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Anonymous said...

Gee, Ron, this has my curiosity in gear. Does he mean he wants forgiveness for having tagged you as an "annoying blogging meme" or he still does tag you as such? I'd like an explanation of why he sees you as a meme? Are you a replicator or replicatee? Am I endangered of becoming part of your memeplex? Of course, my site would be dismissed immediately by the memetics because of its faith-based aspects, so be careful, Ron, I’m considered a virus.


the cajun said...

You have been tagged with this meme.

do with it what you will.

Ron said...

No need to apologize about tagging me. I learned something new. I tagged you back.


Hey there - a beautiful picture & entry; you're such a writer......

I read the previous post; I love "P"-town; my husband is originally from Worcester, so we've traveled around Massachusetts, and had some great times.

What I loved most? The CLAMS - some of the best! Their food is delicious; the views incredible - I'd have a summer home there too if I had that 'billion'.

I'd start a homeless shelter as my primary objective; then an animal shelter (probably adopt all the critters myself).

I'd fund housing for young artists and musicians because both of those are my passions.

I'll have to check out your friend, Mike - sounds interesting.


Hey a note: the 'word verification' reads: mmmgig

mmmmmmmmmm - yum, and Gig is what I call my husband and me since he's Greek and Italian, and I'm German & Irish - guess that would be GiGi, or GiiG; iigg - ggii - whatever; you get it the idea.