Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Lawn Disaster, I Was Right! Herbacide Burn.

My lawn before the grass was burned.

Today a representative of another lawn service company came by (at my request) to evaluate my lawn. First thing he said upon getting out of his vehicle "What happened here?"  YES!

This was the reaction I was expecting from the owner of my lawn service company yesterday but didn't get it. 

This new representative, who by the way was very good-looking (always helps) and professional. After I told him what application my previous lawn service company applied (wire grass and fungicide) he said it obviously was "herbicide burn."  Viola!  I knew something went terrible wrong.

He said the fungicide application wouldn't have killed the grass and I probably didn't need that application anyway but the application for wire grass was a lot different.  He said the wire grass applicate is a mixture of three ingredients that should be exactly measured and applied during a cool day, not in the heat. The day my previous lawn service company applied the application was very hot (90 plus degrees).  He also told me that my wire grass wasn't that bad and probably didn't even need an application.

That tells me a lot about the new owner of my lawn service company.  He didn't know what he was talking about yesterday, that was obvious. He chose to ignore my questions about all the dead grass.

"Travis", the representative of the my new lawn care company told me that new grass "would never come back."  So much for "it will grow back."  He said what had to be done is aerate the lawn and then reseed it.  He said the combination of heat and wrong application of wire grass poison KILLED the grass too.

I called my previous lawn service company and told them I would no longer be using them.  I felt bad because the woman I told ("Laurie") was the mother of the previous owner and the person who always called me to advise me of schedule lawn service.  Her husband, the previous owner's father, used to service my lawn. I knew something changed about a year ago because different men were coming by to applying application to my lawn. That was when the ownership changed, which I didn't know about.

Apparently the new owner doesn't know anything about lawns. He just brought the business because he was "bored" and wanted to do something in his retirement. That's what he told me yesterday. He obviously knows nothing about customer service because I have yet to hear from him since I informed "Laurie" that I would no longer be using their service.  A good businessman would call me back immediately and either offer to fix the mistake.  Back up a little bit here, yesterday he could have got out of his car and said "What happened here? I have to fix this at no cost to you. I apologize to you for this mistake."  But oh no, this guy DIDN'T know what happened and he is no way going to offer to fix it.  He could at least call to apologize but I don't expect him to call me or apologize.

What will I do? Move on.  I'm not going to sue him or report him to the Better Business Bureau.  This was a mistake. When a mistake happens or poor service, you don't use that business anymore. 

I was very upset about this whole mess until today because in the back of my mind I thought may I was wrong. But I feel justified now in believing what I saw with my own eyes, dead grass and dead plants around my border.  All those flowers dead and my beautiful pink autumn chrysanthemums damaged.  I'm not as upset now, now that I know I was right and taking action to correct this horrendous mistake. 

My lawn is one of the few pleasures I get out of my life.  One of the commenters of my blog yesterday basically told me to "get over it, life is too short."  Uh, no, I won't get over it.  I took care of the problem and fixed it.  

That attitude reminds me of what my neighbor Jane told me about her neighbor's comment to her because she wanted her lawn cut in a pattern.  Her neighbor said "You're too picky, it doesn't matter. Get over it."  Of course Jane took offense because seeing her lawn cut in a pattern is what gives her pleasure. Why can't she get it done like that?  Who is her neighbor to pass judgement on her about what she wants.  It like my neighbor  complaining about the colorful rainbow spinners that I placed in my oval planter to deter the rabbits from eating my impatiens flowers.  She said "Looks like a carnival over there!" Actually Bill and I both like the spinning colorful pinwheels. That was an unexpected side benefit of placing those pinwheels there. Pinwheels will be there every year as long as we live here. 

My annual trip to Canada is coming up in a few days. I have to calm myself down to enjoy a week of adventure with my Canadian Travel Buddy Pat in Hamilton, Ontario Canada. There is a possibility we may be visiting Montreal.  Viola!  


T W Tommy Thompson said...


I hope Travis can restore your lawn. I understand about a person's lawn, on the brick streets here, Lawns are a source of pride and joy as in your neighborhood.

I hope all works out soon and Travis gets that Green Lawn back


Ken said...

I think you should contact the BBB, if not for your sake how about others that might unknowingly use this poor service.

Ron said...

TW Tommy Thompson,
Thank you for your comment. You understand about one taking pride in one's lawn. I'll get our green lawn back, rest assured on that fact.

Ron said...

I'm considering contacting the Better Business Bureau, especially today after my disastrous interaction with the owner of my previous lawn service company. I'm too upset right now to make calm decision.
Thank you for your comment.

Mike, Studio City said...

We had a problem with our gardener mowing our lawn to short, even after telling him many times to raise the level o his mower. We now have a new mower, battery powered and strong, and fired our gardener. We also need the exercise. We know you guys mow your own lawn, that helps keeps weeds away. When you have a lawn service mow, they are using a mower that have been on every lawn before yours. Probably many with lots of weeds. Then they mow your lawn and the seeds of previous lawns are now on your lawn. YES, we love our beautiful lawn too, we feeel your pain.

VRC-Do You! said...

Ron...Sorry to hear about your lawn...I know your lawn brings you joy...You also invest a lot of time and effort to make it so...I support you...I would ask for a refund...I would ask them to make it right...There has to be a bite on their part to hopefully correct their actions...I am not saying go all Joan Crawford but a bite...You know when someone is pissing on your leg...Don't tell me their not...We have BBB and Yelp...You don't want others to experience what you went through...Hopefully, the lawn service will correct their actions...Educate themselves in proper lawn care and do right by their customers...I too am in the midst of a customer service debacle...I am in the midst of transitioning to a new property management company...You made a good point...When an honest mistake is made...How well does the business do "service recovery"...Make it right...I am in the healthcare industry and you are in the hotel business...Expectations may not always be met for whatever reason...What do we do as a business to relay the message that we value our customers and we are sorry that we have missed the mark is vital...I am not saying grovel or give away the store...A discount on their bill...Free coffee/meal at a local establishment...Something...."Service recovery" look it up...I am expecting pictures of a revitalized yard...Have a safe trip...Say hi to Bill...

Ur-spo said...

Lawns are nuisance. dig them up and plant gardens - lots of vegetables.

Ivy Green said...

You are totally justified in your lawn-grievance and then some. That guy has no business working with chemicals or live plants. Pets that go outside can be poisoned just as easily as grass. May your new guy restore your lawn greener and healthier than ever and stick his business sign in the front for all to see - "This Lawn Saved from Extinction by XXX" ��

Ron said...

Believe me, I have considered that option!

Ron said...

Ivy Green,
I don't like any poisonings applied to my lawn. I should have been more diligent. Won't happen again, I can assure you that.