Wednesday, February 06, 2019

Stressed Out

The start to this morning

Not doing well this morning folks. 

First thing this morning I had a plumber stop over to check out our four (yes, FOUR) toilets.  First thing he did was get stuck trying to back out of our driveway.  Yep, he backed out in the grass and got mud stuck.  What was he thinking?  Well, things happen. No use screaming at him. Of course Bill was and is very upset.

He checked out our toilets. All went well there after an adjustment or two. Then the challenge was getting his stuck truck out of our lawn.  He even had me in the truck (Butch Ron) gunning it while he pushed his van in the back.  Me among the cigaret butts on the floor of his van. Wonder how long that Butch will stay with me. 

He called for a two truck. While waiting for the tow truck a co-worker of his came by.  They managed to get his van unstuck from our lawn with the help of one of our two by fours.

To compensate me he only charged me half price for the service call. Hopefully our irrigation system isn't damaged.

This week has been something every day.  Tomorrow at 2:00 PM, right during my nap time, Bill has a followup appointment to his cataract surgery.  Thursday is my workday.  I go to work at 3 PM.  I've already told them that I'll probably be late to work.

Thursday I have a dental appointment for my crown replacement. I have a temporary crown in down and for the last two weeks. It's a little tight, not a good fit.  I hope my permanent crown is a better fit. Especially since I'll be taking off this Sunday for my annual California two week holiday.

Yesterday I had a serviceman come by to check out that wall basement leak.  He wanted to tear down my dry wall to get his equipment into where the sewer pipe goes out the basement wall.  Uh uh, no way was he tearing down the drywall to our media room.  I sent him on his way. We'll take care of this ourselves.

This past Sunday I checked with my ride to the Philly airport.  Unfortunately he told me he wouldn't be able to take me.  He's still undergoing medical treatments (radiation) and not feeling well.  I texted my backup ride.  He couldn't take me either.  Then I texted Mike and Bob.  They can take me.  Thank you Mike and Bob!!!

Now I have to decide what to wear to California.  Ah yes folks, I am gay and "what to wear" is a major concern.  I wish I was like Pat.  He can pack his entire two week wardrobe into a shoulder pack.  And yet he still looks stylish.  Some people have that knack. I don't.

Speaking of packing for a trip, a major part of my packing is electronic equipment. Chargers, portable speaker, wires, chargers, and chargers. Did I say chargers?  

A beautiful sunny day here today folks. Yesterday the temperature reached 63 degrees.  I love it!

Have a great day every one.  I'm going to try and zone out this afternoon and take a deep nap to destress myself.

Topsoil and grass seed needed


Geo. said...

As a retired gardener, I reckon your irrigation system is unharmed, Ron, unless van's tires landed on a sprinkler-head. Even here in California, we had to lay supply lines 18 inches down. Those skidmarks are not that deep. Main thing is your commodes are functional. Enjoy your west coast adventures without worry.

Ron said...

It appears that our irrigation system is unharmed. Bill has already corrected the tire ruts. This is the second time we have corrected ruts in our lawn. The last time was a United Parcel ruck that a decided to back out of our driveway on our grass.
One more day to our trip to California!

Ur-spo said...

Tut! Pat is doing it all wrong. Figuring out what to pack/what to wear of part of the fun of traveling. I hope you have a jolly good time figuring out your ensembles.