Monday, September 09, 2013

Medical Update: Kidney Stone Bath

Yeah, I'm Laurence and Tony is going to give me my "bath" - sure - I wish

This morning my urologist scheduled my kidney stone "bath" for September 20th.  See here for how this "bath" works.

My doctor tells me that I still have two large (.6 millimeter) kidney stones lodged above my right kidney.  He has to keep the stent in my ureter because to take it out would be (in his words) "like running a red light."  I would be taking a great chance that one or both of those kidney stones would drop and I would return to the hell I had for eight days last week.  

He explained to my why he wanted to wait to see if could pass the .6 millimeter (above average of .5 millimeter) stone on my own.  Remember the week previously I successfully passed a .4 millimeter kidney stone.  He said "everyone is different.  Most people are able to pass a .6 millimeter kidney stone on their own but my ureter canal is smaller and you were unable to pass it." 

Thus I have to wait a week after taking myself off of my baby aspirin regimen (which thins the blood).  I gave him my EKG report from my cardiologist (which I had taken last Friday), which gives him approval for the surgery.  I will be under anesthetic for the surgery which will take place in Milford, Delaware.  Our local hospital doesn't have the equipment to perform this kind of surgery.  Thank God it is non invasive as far as cutting me or inserting yet another instrument in my private parts (had enough of that this year).  But they do have to knock me out, which is just fine with me.  He also said the week's time will enable the swelling to go down in my right kidney which went through a lot of trauma the past ten days (tell me about it).  

What I imagine the facility in Milford, DE looks like where I will get my kidney stone bath - Medicare pays for this?

I am slowly regaining my strength.  I was even able to make a full meal (ratatouille) last night but I was drained when it was all over.  

When I was weighed in this morning the doctor's assistant told me "You've lost eleven pounds since your August visit."  I've been wondering how I was going to lose that developing roll around my middle but I wouldn't advise going on the "passing the kidney stone diet."  Folks, I cannot emphasize enough what I went through the last ten days.  I don't consider myself a whiner or complainer (despite what Bill says) but I was whimpering pretty bad there for a few days.  I really thought I was on my way out and if I wasn't, I wanted to go.  

Enough of my feeling sorry for myself.  A Pity Party is good every now and then but this one has been a bit too long.  I am anxious to get back to normal activity or at least what passes for normal around Casa Tipton-Kelly.  I want it so bad folks.  I hope by the time my family reunion comes around on October 6th I will be up to full steam.  I'm making calls now, making arrangements with the caterer and perhaps even music this year!  I definitely want a big celebration.  You just never know when you might not ever have the opportunity again.  Live for now folks.  That's the best advice I can give, given my experiences of the past few weeks.  Live for now.  Tomorrow will take care of itself.  Of course a little nest egg helps too.  Don't go crazy but you know what I mean.  

Have a great day!!!!

"Free at last!"


Jon said...

You have every reason to throw a Mega Pity Party, and all of your sympathizing friends will attend. It would be even better if you could throw a The Stone Has Passed party.

One of my uncles had several of those kidney stone "baths" and they were very successful.
He didn't mention anything about an elaborate Roman bath - or Tony the bath boy - but we can always dream, can't we? ........

Anonymous said...

Make sure you're eating protein - the drinks are the best. Despite what you think, you were pretty thin to begin with and your body probably went right for the muscle and not the fat. Even just adding a protein powder to juice or a fruit/yogurt smoothie will help a lot with your recovery.

Ron said...


Thanks for the good advice! I think a couple of smoothies are in order for sure.


Ron said...


You mean Tony won't be giving me my "bath?" Shucks. And here I was fantasizing about some gorgeous "helpers" giving me my bath.

My urologist is very confident that my remaining kidney stones will be blasted by this procedure. I will be so happy when all this is over and I can get back to my normal, bitchy self, complaining about everything.

Always good to hear from you Jon, my friend.


anne marie in philly said...

interesting procedure; and since you are going to be knocked out, having tony curtis "bathing" you would be a waste of time.

geez yeah, I want you back to your bitchy self.

nitewrit said...


Oh wow! Enough all ready, you've had enough.


pat888 said...


11 days and counting to "freedom at last"!! Some frozen berries, some Vega and Aim, a little peanut butter and almond milk to your desired thickness is what I recommend. Throw in some fresh spinach or kale. It'll change the colour but not the taste. Lots of nourishment there and not fattening - it's win win. So glad you are feeling better after the nightmare you've been thru. Thanks for your courage.


Ron said...

Anne Marie,

I'm just too nice these days of pain, I DO have to get back to my complaining, bitchy self.


Ron said...


Tell me about it. This is getting SO OLD.


Ron said...

It can't happen soon enough Pat. These past few weeks have been a blur. It's like I've been living someone else's life. I'm the one who is supposed to be free of medical drama. Karma finally caught up with me big time.

I tried to eat some of my regular fare at the Bay Leaf restaurant tonight but it was a no go. I think my appetite has taken a permanent change. I would like to keep that eleven pounds I lost off my old body. Wouldn't mind losing another five or so. One thing I've weaned myself off of my ever present iced tea. Now I drink plain cold water with a slice of lemon. I've actually gotten used to it! I wish I had done this years ago. Maybe from here on out I can avoid kidney stones by my new diet.

Thanks again for the always good advice and your concern. Always appreciated. You are a good friend.


Randy in NEB said...

Ron, If you do have a couple of hawties for orderlies for your kidney stone bath. You just may develop some swelling on another body part. You'll have to ask if medicare will pay to take care of an awkward boner. ;-) Again hope you get to feeling better soon. Randy.

Randy in NEB said...

Ron, I totallly forgot to mention. Do you remember Tony in the movie "The Great Race"? The sword fight scene with Ross Martin, he was shirtless and wearing tight pants in that one too. o_0 Randy again.

Ron said...

Why Randy, I'm surprised at you. :) Getting a little "randy" aren't you? :)


Ron said...


I didn't see that one. When he was young I thought Tony Curtis was hot. He didn't age well though. So many of the male movie stars don't. Must be the stress or drugs. And I do like older men. But I can't think of one older Hollywood movie star today that turns me on. I'm stuck with Bradley Cooper. Not a bad place to be "stuck" either.


David Jeffreys said...

Is your "bath" the same thing as lithotrypsy? That is what I had over 20 years ago and they did it with me submerged in a tank of water sending loud sound waves to the stones to break them up. They did not knock me out, but they inserted the anesthesia in my spinal canal, so I was numb and paralyzed from the waist down during the procedure. They had to time the shockwaves to occur between my heart beats for heart safety. When they were finished they gave me the shock wave generator, which looked like a giant gold spark plug. I had it done two different times, on each side of my body, so I got two "spark plugs."

How did they remove your recent .6mm stone? Was that invasive?

Ron said...


Yes, my kidney stone bath is a lithotrypsy. My doctor did say I would be under anesthesia, which I assume is totally out. I would prefer that rather than anesthesia in my spinal canal. I don't want to take any chances with my spinal canal. I prefer to be knocked out. I had to give them a copy of my EKG from my cardiologist for permission to have the lithotrypsy performed. I guess they'll have some way of holding me up in the tank to prevent me from downing. I hope so anyway.

My other .6mm stone was removed by laser. And yes, it was very invasive. That's why he put off doing it for so long, he was hoping my kidney stone would pass on it's own but apparently I have a smaller than normal ureter canal. He said most people are able to pass it but I cannot pass one of that size. Right now I have a stent in me which is also invasive although not painful. Just bothersome. I know it's there. I feel like have to urinate all the time. My urination is stop and start. I have blood and blood clots in my urine. It's not a pleasant time for me right now. I will be so glad when this whole process is over. So glad.