Sunday, September 29, 2013

Halloween Quiz

Hey folks, I'm sure you've all seen the Halloween items already laid out in the stores.  Here in Gayberry, Southern Delaware Halloween items hit the stores a few weeks after Labor Day.  

This afternoon I had to go to Walmart to get some glitter for my Tipton Family Reunion banner (yes!  I found it!) 
Found banner! Needs Glitter!
Tipton Family Reunion 1994

With glitter added!

and I saw a Halloween store open.  I just had to go in and check out the ghoulish items. Lots of good stuff there folks!  There was one cool display with a ghoul nodding his head along with the Crypt Keeper.  Fog, thunder and howling in the background. I love it!  

I showed this video to my pal Lar.  He noticed something unusual about the Nodding Head Ghoul, something that I am ashamed as a life long gay guy, that I missed.  Larry's straight and he caught it!  So this gave me an idea for tonight's blog posting.  I'm going to post three Halloween photos and see how many people can spot the "thing" that is OUT OF PLACE.  One of the pictures you've probably seen before. It was of me celebrating Halloween in 1980 in Philadelphia.  The picture was taken when I was about three sheets to the wind and had taken off my werewolf mask (and was actually asked to put it back on by my bearded friend who said I looked "sexier" with it on!)  
Two things wrong with this picture - what are they?

So here goes folks.  Check out the video above and tell me what is out of place.  Also check the clown photo (for Someone of "Harpers' Keeper" - he just LOVE clowns as do I).  

What (who) doesn't belong in this picture? 
I don't know if I'll do Halloween this year folks.  Halloween is on a Thursday and I'm scheduled to work.  I always used to do Halloween and loved it.  

The best costume I ever did was in 1980 when I dressed as an Arab sheik.  However, this was during the Arab Oil Crisis and I had to take off my robes in a bar, I was betting too much harassment. That's when I changed to my wolf man costume.

Me as a faux Arab sheik - I LOVED those flowing robes
Me as a wolfman.  Actually I had several guys who were very interested in me.....with the mask. Hey folks, that was just to weird.  I could imagine going home with someone and keeping that mask on THE WHOLE TIME.  

I'm on the left - the one with the fangs


Buddy Bear said...

Wow! The nodding head ghoul really has a big package!

Ron said...

Buddy Bear,

Interesting that I didn't even notice it at first. My straight friend Lar noticed it. I'll have to turn in my gay card.


Randy in NEB said...

Ron, I think we all can forgive you and you may keep your gay card. With all the S#!T that's been happening with you medically, You may not be thinking straight. lol. I mean to say you had other more pressing things on your mind. Was wondering did you cop a feel? I'm sooo naughty ;-) I hope your family reunion goes OK, have nice weather. Randy.

Jon said...

Since I have a perpetually dirty mind, I immediately noticed that the nodding ghoul seemed to be very happy to see me (or was that a gun in his pocket?). I'm glad to hear that you foud the Tipton Reunion banner and that it will be proudly glittering at your next family gathering.

I have to cheat with the first photo - - I remembered when you said that you appeared twice in the photo because of double exposure. And of course I saw you in the clown photo. Clowns scare the hell out of me.

I love the Arab sheik photo.

pat888 said...

That sure is one creepy werewolf mask. Of all the horror "celebrities" the only one I was really afraid of was the wolfman (werewolf). Ever since I witnessed the transformation of Lon Chaney into that hideous monster with hair and claws happening in seconds - and his feet morphing into those of an extra large wolf - I have remained timid of werewolves - well at least in movies - to this day. Ron, if I'd have seen you at that party I probably would have stayed a fair it away from you.

Anonymous said...

Sexiest sheik I ever did see!!!
Your friend,

Ron said...


You're right, I have had quite a year medically. I was just thinking about it yesterday. Some 37 years when I was in my prime working at the bank I never once visited a doctor. In fact I didn't even have a regular doctor. Now, in my dotage it seems as if I'm falling apart, piece by piece. I'll try to hold it together a little while longer. I still have some living to do.

I always guarantee great weather for our family reunion. This one will be no exception.

Have a great day Randy!


Ron said...


Clowns scare a lot of people, I've noticed that. Something I don't understand. I have all kinds of clowns in my room. When Dr. Spo's partner, Someone was on a tour of my house last spring and entered my bedroom he was immediately freaked out by all the clowns and told me so. Well, at least I didn't have Chucky in my room.

Oh I do love glitter. That gay gene you know.

I liked my Arab getup too. I'll have to do it again someday.


Ron said...

If I would have seen you that Halloween night in 1980, I would have went after you for a bite.....or two. You would not have gotten away from me. Good thing you weren't in Philly that October night in 1980. You would have been a goner.


Ron said...

Thanks James. I wore that costume to the bank where I worked in the Trust Department. I arranged a meeting with a trust administrator about opening a new trust account. I had just about everyone fooled until I walked into the meeting room. Don M., the administrator said right away "Hi Ron." Surprised, asked him "How did you know it was me?" He said "I recognized the way you walk." Hey, I didn't realize I had "a walk." he knew the way I walked. Maybe there was more to Don M. that I was aware of. Another one of those Life Mysteries.

WARPed said...

In the double exposure shot, your friend seems to have a hand growing out of his chest.

Did I win???



anne marie in philly said...

nothing screams GAY like glitter! :)

and I don't like clowns either; someone and I think alike on this matter. clowns are creepy.

Ron said...


Yes, you won! You can collect your prize at next year's Bloggerpalooza. Congratulations!


Ron said...

Anne Marie,
I may have missed the gay card on Broadway show tunes (I don't care for them) but I DO LIKE GLITTER!

I don't know why, but I've always been attracted to clowns. Going to bed with a clown is still on my Bucket List. EWWWWW!


Ur-spo said...

I look forward to halloween most folks look forward to christmas. I need to start now organinzing the candy and decoration and what to do for the annual halloween dinner.

Ron said...

Dr. Spo,

I used to look forward to Christmas but when I stopped buying gifts (what a relief) about twenty years ago, Christmas is just a holiday I "get through." I'm happy for folks who enjoy Christmas, and I enjoy the music and the goodwill (when it seeps through) but otherwise I look forward to my own "holidays" like class reunions, family reunions and now the annual Bloggerpalooza. If I had friends here who would help me celebrate Halloween I would enjoy that holiday too but I've never been able to break through to the cliques here in Gayberry. I tried a couple of years, fabulous costume but I might as well been the Invisible man. No one spoke to me or even acknowledged my existence. No biggie. I make my own "holidays." I'm glad you can enjoy yours.