Thursday, May 23, 2013

American Idol

Simon Cowell

This is an open letter to the producers of "American Idol."  

I've tried folks, I've really tried to keep my blog postings positive and upbeat but after reading how the ratings of "American Idol" have plummeted 20% this season, I feel it is now time to put my two cents in the Reasons Why.

The judges (?) on "American Idol"

Three years ago when Simon Cowell announced that he was leaving "American Idol" my first thought was "there goes the show."  Hey folks, I'm not one of these hot shot program experts but I do what made "American Idol" work and that was Simon's honest if sometimes caustic comments about and to the contestants.  Say what you want about Simon, you all know he always told the truth.  I wasn't one of those lily-livered panty waists who got all offended when Simon delivered one of his no frills criticisms of a performance.  Bill wouldn't even watch "American Idol."  He said "Oh, he's so mean."  Oh give me a break.  

Randy "Dawg" Jackson, Paula and Simon - these judges were the magic that made "American Idol" notwithstanding Simon's choice of  Décolletage revealing sweaters

Does everything in life have to be Goody Two Shoes?  Do ALL the kids in school have to win first place?  Here's a bulletin folks, there are losers among us.  Not everyone is a winner.  All this namby-pamby "She (or he) is SO nice and trying SO hard", we have to say something nice.  Here's another clue folks, there are a--holes among us who think they have talent.  One of my guilty and no so secret pleasures was to watch one of these "Daddy's girl" have the TRUTH delivered to them - "you got no talent honey, go home."

Paula Abdul

I knew the "American Idol" magic was gone when Paula Abdul left the show over a salary dispute.  I don't know exactly what she was getting but whatever it was, she was worth it.  Sure, she almost always gave the same criticisms (never bad) but the chemistry between her and Simon was another factor that made AI so watchable.  

Ellen Degeneres

So what did the AI producers do when Paula left the show?  They hire someone at five times the salary who has NO chemistry.  They hired Ellen Degeneres.  WTF?  Hey, I like...I LOVE Ellen but hiring Ellen as a judge?  Ellen cries over puppies that aren't adopted at the animal shelter.  Ellen is going to deliver a stinging criticism of some no talent?  Hardly.  Of course it came as no surprise to many that Ellen stay was a snooze fest (she was boring) and she was soon replaced.

Jen and her "talent"

So who do the brainiacs at AI replace Ellen with?  JENNY FROM THE BLOCK!  Are you kidding?  I couldn't believe it.  Jennifer Lopez, she of the super annoying, insincere giggle and the BIG ASS.  Jo-Lo, queen of the divas.  Jennifer Lopez, just what is it that she does that is so special?  And I think they paid her something like 15 mil?  For God's sake.  Of course Miss Nasal Jenny From The Block was another BORING snooze fest.  

Steven Tyler (lovely)

Next up is something called Steven Tyler.  I never got this "musician."  Call me an Old Out Of Touch Fogey, but what is a Steven Tyler?  Again, the AI producers paid this (whatever it is) BIG BUCKS for the audience to see this over age rocker hit on the young chickee contestants.  

Mariah Carey 

Now this season we have Mariah Carey and Nikki Minaj. Mariah Carey?  Mariah Carey makes Jo-Lo look good!  Mariah Carey, the dumb ass who once said she admired the starving people of Africa because they were so "thin."  Here is Mariah's quote exactly folks:

 Mariah Carey: "Whenever I watch TV and see those poor starving kids all over the world, I can't help but cry. I mean I'd love to be skinny like that, but not with all those flies and death and stuff."

You just can't make this stuff up. OH MY GOD.

Once I heard that Simon wasn't going to be on AI, I stopped watching.  Then when I heard who was coming on I KNEW I wasn't going to be watching "American Idol."  I'm going to take time out of my day to watch self-absorbed fools like Jennifer Lopez, Mariah Carey and Steven Tyler?  Here's my question to the brain challenged producers of AI, just what demographic are you looking for by hiring these clueless, self-absorbed airheads?  

Nikki Minaj (send in the clowns)

So here is my suggestion to the folks who produce "American Idol", stopped going after the phony celebs and hire real people as judges.  Sure they can be celebrities but they don't have to be singers.  In fact, I think singers should be disqualified because they are so narcissistic and hung up on themselves they could never give an honest opinion. Can you imagine the AI producers hiring Barry Manilow, Kid Rock or (God help us) Celine Dion as judges?  Hey, don't put it past them to do something stupid like that while they're in the death throes of "American Idol" becoming irrelevant.  


anne marie in philly said...

never watched one single episode and damn proud of it! I have better things to do with my limited time.

Anonymous said...

That show "jumped the shark" a long time ago in my opinion. I think Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood were the only two to emerge from that show with any staying power.

What do I know? I quit watching TV about five years ago.

Bob said...

I liked Nicki.
She's wack-a-doo, but if the singer was good she told them so, and told them why. And if the singer was bad, she was equally brutal.
When three of the guys sang together this season and di a horrible job, she said she had one thing to say, "Get off the stage."
Nuff said.
Mooriah was an idiot, and Randy Jackson's days are over.

Ron said...


I couldn't say anything about Nikki, I have never heard her, just seen pictures of her. That she apparently doesn't like Maruah is a big plus with me.

I would watch "American Idol" again if they got off this celebrity bent and had real judges.


Ron said...

You are 100% right Sean R!

Ron said...

Anne Marie,

I started watching the third season and got hooked. I stopped watching when Simon left. I really don't have the time to watch anyway.


Anonymous said...

It hasn't helped that the talent levels of the contestants has dropped precipitously over the past few seasons, too. Where are the winners today? Phillip Phillips has a hit single, but who knows what's next. And none of the others over the past few years have amounted to much. Meh. I like America's Got Talent, mostly for the variety. But it's gone now, too.

Peace <3

Ron said...


The first time I watched "America's Got Talent" I saw a man get whacked in the balls. That's talent? I turned it off and haven't watched it since. The whole genre has been bastardized.


anne marie in philly said...

moo-riah...bwhahahahahaha! LOVE IT!

Jay M. said...

Hahaha, you were late to the game. I saw that episode, I think that's when I quit watching, too.

Anonymous said...

Ron, I couldn't agree more with you - I used to watch the show all the time when Simon was on there and I did it because of his honest critique of the contestants. I even watched it through Ellen and Jennifer but with Mariah and Nicci on the show, I quit watching it and my son and family PVR'd it and only watched the singers, not the judges comments. This is a singing show and criticizing their clothes and hair doesn't enter into the equation. Thanks for the posting, Marie

Ron said...


You are so right. "American Idol" is a singing contest. I watched it because I truly wanted to see and hear the singers, not the antics of the judges. Especially judges who say nothing. When I heard that Jennifer Lopez was on the show (which at first I thought was a joke), I knew I wouldn't watch the show. I can't stand her fake, phony laugh. Like she's a little, innocent coquette. And Mariah, give me a break.


Jeff said...

While I agree with you that the judges are not what this show is about. They do add color. I hate/love JLo and Mariah, and Tyler OMG! I watch for the contestants but these judges each in their own way added something to the show. For one thing the contestants were in aaah of them.

Ron said...


I do agree with you that judges add color to the show and I enjoy their response to the acts. But to make the show all about the judges and pay so much money (15 mil for Jo-Lo?) is obscene. There are a lot of celebrities that I would enjoy seeing judge American Idol but not Mariah, Lopez and Tyler. Who makes these choices anyway?