Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Vote Early and ...........

Arrived at Cape Henlopen High School EARLY this morning to get in line to vote
Woke up at 4:30 a.m. this morning ready to vote!  The BIG DAY is finally here!

"Mr. Cool" waiting to vote (in the WRONG place)

My new place to vote this year is at the Cape Henlopen High School.  I voted there for the first time this past summer in a primary.  If you read my blog posting at that time you'll remember that I was somewhat frustrated.  School was open, there was no parking, and the voting took place in the lobby which was like voting in the middle of an intersection.

Waiting in the new line outside the main building (we got kicked out)
This morning was so much different.  I arrived at 6:15 a.m.  I wasn't the first voter in line.  A woman with her young son was already in the lobby.  Bill was with me.  He doesn't vote but wanted to go with me anyway.  He's the one who took most of the pictures you'll see in this posting.

"Vote Here" sign goes up!  Not long now.
Check out the short video where I got kicked out of the building.  Funny stuff!  Look at my goofy reaction to being kicked out.  Funny stuff.

The line starts to build (picture fuzzy because I get nervous taking pictures of strangers without their permission)
Me and the lady and her young son moved out into the little enclosed area at the front door.  At least we didn't have to stand outside in the 40 degree temperatures.

Line at 6:30 a.m. - growing rapidly!
It didn't take long for a line to form.  In fact the line began snaking around several times until the newer arrivals in our now expanding line had to go outside.

7 a.m. - polling open!
I only had to wait in line for 45 minutes.  At 7 a.m. right on the dot, the doors opened to the main lobby where the registration desks and voting booths were waiting for us.

I show my driver's license as my voter I.D.
I was surprised when I was asked for my voter ID.  Not a problem, I supplied my driver's license.  I don't think a voter ID is required in Delaware.  When I was a poll worker in Pennsylvania I never asked for an ID.  Times have changed in this era of Republican voter suppression.  Those Republicans will do anything to steal another election.  However, there is a "small" problem, we are becoming a more diverse population and the straight, white, male is rapidly becoming the minority voter.  How's it feel guys?

My voting booth is about to open!
I signed my name and headed to my booth.  Pulled the curtains, checked the EASY ballot (no ten page Florida ballots here in Delaware).  Voting here in Delaware is electronic.  I put my hot little (actually it's quite big) forefinger on the "X" next to the name I want to cast my vote for.  I put my finger and NOTHING.  No red light, nothing.  Uh oh.  I open the curtains in my private voting booth.  I give my best stupid expression to the poll worker and say "Uh....it's not working."  I heard the guy in the voting booth next to me say the same thing "This thing isn't working." Then I hear a voice say "Plug it in."
Viola!  My electronic voting board lighted up like a Christmas tree!

Straight DemocratIC and PROUD OF IT!
I looked for the Democratic (and I do say "Democratic" not "Democrat" which is the Republikans sneaky way to put a negative slant to the word "Democratic") slate.  I found it and with great pleasure put my finger next to EVERT DemocratIC name and got instant gratification when the red light appeared.  After I was done I pushed the VOTE button.  FEELS GOOD!

Voting is underway!
Now to sit back and see if the Republikans can steal this election by voter suppression.

A long line awaits to vote - I'm glad I got there early!

Thank God I missed these annoying people at the entrance to the polling place by arriving early - they were just getting started when I left this morning


Pudge450 said...

I think I see a lot of Republicans in that group.


Ron said...

We had the same thought Pudge. I'm pretty sure I saw a LOT of Republikans too!

Bob said...

I Obama'd early, too, at the local Baptist Church of all places!

nitewrit said...

How come you didn't vote for State Senator?


Anonymous said...

So glad you didn't have much trouble voting today. Waiting here in California for the right man to win the race. I will be so thankful when this is over, provided we dont have a Republikan as president! Tired of the adds and negative comments on Facebook.

Cindy from Sonoma

anne marie in philly said...

spouse went at 7a when the polling place opened; he was #30 in line, str8 dem vote.

I went at 9:45a; I was #280 in line, str8 dem vote.

I was asked for ID and refused to show it as a big FUCK YOU to corbett and his asshole administration. next year, we WILL have to produce ID in PA.

I too am proud to vote str8 dem!

Ron said...


Didn't it feel good to vote for Obama and AGAINST the liar? I know I felt good.


Ron said...


I screwed up which was just pointed out to me here at work when I showed them my photo. And I know Andy Staton! He's on of the gay candidates. I should have pushed the straight Democratic button instead of hitting individual buttons but it felt so good to vote against every Republikan.


Ron said...


I got there early (6:15 a.m.) and waiting in line only 45 minutes with some nice people. I could tell who the Republikans were because they all had scowls on their faces. They know they're going to lose today.


Ron said...

Anne Marie,

I'm glad you refused to show your ID. Fuck'em!


Anonymous said...

Thanx! for voting. Here in Maryland cell phones had to be turned off and put away. Suprised the same isn't required everywhere.

Ron said...

Cell phones had to be turned off? Why? Some local power hungry politico wielding power? Stupid.