Thursday, March 01, 2012

Thomas Roberts Interview With Gay Marine Brandon Morgan

Hey folks, when I saw Thomas Roberts of MSNBC (Thomas also happens to be gay) interview Brandon Morgan yesterday I just had to share this video.  I like Brandon.  He is genuine.  The photo wasn't staged.  It was a true display of emotion just like straight people do all the time.  Brandon even apologizes if he "upset" anybody.  I don't really think an apology was necessary but it was nice of him to do so.  He also said he didn't kiss his boyfriend to make a statement or because he was a gay activist (which he's not) but just because he was glad to see his boyfriend after a long absence and he had settled some "issues"in his mind.  To me folks, a young man like Brandon will do more to lessen homophobia than all the gay marches with the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgences in the world.

Bravo Brandon!  I wish you were my boyfriend.


Scott said...

I think we teach more through our actions than our words. Gay marches are a great source of pride, but it is how we present ourselves to the world all the other days of the year that people will remember us by.

Ron said...

Again Scott, you are exactly right.

The Gay Groom said...

Such a lovely photo. Though we have had gays in the military in Canada for like 20 years :)