Thursday, March 22, 2012

Springtime In Lewes, Delaware Doings

Eastern Bluebird - my very welcomed Springtime visitors!

A few minutes ago I looked out the sunroom windows and what did my eyes see?  A bluebird taking a bath in one of the three bird baths I have in our flower oval.  It is official, spring is here!

Bluebird in my birdbath this morning - welcome!

This is one of those giant bluebirds.  This bluebird will be able to defend his bluebird house against the sparrows who are always trying to take it over in the spring mating season.  Every year it is a battle as to who get control of the prime bluebird house in our backyard.

I'm off work until next Wednesday which is delightful.  Last night we had an event at the hotel.  An event is just what it says it is, an EVENT.  Last night was the monthly Lewes Chamber of Commerce Mixer.  I get to greet all the attendees as they stroll in from their glass(es) of wine and finger food.  I must have been a greeter in my former life because I love the role of the Greeter.  I love to meet people.

Our Number One Industry - Tourism!

The monthly mixer is a chance for local business people to get together and drum up business.  We had several rooms open for display at the hotel and of course, I was ready to make reservations.

However, something different happened.  I was talking to one of the attendees who was leaving (trying to get him to rent a room) and I discovered he was a local portrait photographer.  I've been looking for a looking for a local portrait photographer!  What luck!

In my previous life, when I was more lush with cash, I used to have an annual portrait picture taken of me and my dogs to include with my Christmas cards.  When I lost my job at Mellon Bank in 1986 and then went through a series of jobs bouncing around, I did not have that luxury any more.  If you were one of the lucky recipients of my annual Christmas card, you will notice that the picture of me wasn't a professional one, I took it!

One of my annual Christmas card photos 1981

Now that I'm settled in, the mortgage is paid off and the bills are up to date I can imbibe in this luxury again.  My appointment is next Wednesday.  Only one problem, how am I going to get myself to look like this portrait picture that was taken in 1982?  I just realized that was THIRTY YEARS AGO!

The last time I sat down with a suit and tie for a formal studio portrait photo - this one for my resume when I was looking for another job after being canned by Mellon Bank in 1982

Dave, the photographer told me this morning not to worry.  He says he can do "wonders" with his computer.  This should be interesting.

Before picture - me Tuesday evening - 30 years later!


Cubby said...

I've never seen a bluebird in my life. It is so beautiful! Will I need to come to Delaware to see one?

Roger said...

"Wonder" will not be needed sir ..... and without no offense intended since you are a natural greeter, you know the perfect place for you would be.......... and just think of the stories you'd be able to blog about. :-)

Jon said...

My God, what a beautiful back yard! Here in the depressing wilds of West Texas my back yard is filled with weeds, the offspring of weeds, and - - oh yea - - tumbleweeds! I have actually forgotten what lush greenery looks like.
(and people wonder why I drink.....).

Keep reminding me that it's spring......

Ron said...

Thank you for your generous compliment to this old man. It is what it is isn't it Roger? Not much I can do about it except embrace it.

Yes, I have many stories that I can tell but I can't as long as I'm working at the hotel. Lewes is a small town and I would lose my job if I started divulging the drama that goes on at the hotel where I work. Those stories will have to wait until I retire which I don't plan on retiring anytime soon. Maybe those stories will go to the grave with me. That would be a shame because I have some "goodies."

Mark said...

Ron, I'm going to boss you around for a few seconds here. Don't drop me! Do not wear a suit and tie for your portrait. It was appropriate in 1982 when you were a "working man", not that you aren't now but you know what I mean. I would love to see you dressed more casually and something that says "I've lived a long time and I'm much wiser now". Think in terms of a solid black turtle-neck or something. Yes, I know that it's warm now but it's only to snap a photo. And black and white would be great! Remember, capture the moment, and not the memory.

Ron said...


I appreciate your input! Actually, you got me to thinking as to whether I should use Dave or you. I'll send you a link to his website. Take a look at his work and tell me what you think. I think you could do just as well, maybe better. I would rather send my business your way.

anne marie in philly said...

you'll be handsome no matter what!

your backyard garden oval is lovely!

Ron said...

Anne Marie,

We put a lot of work (Bill actually) in that backyard oval. Lot of bucks too. It was worth it. We love it!

Thanks for the compliment. This old man takes them all!

paulo1 said...

I don't want to be picky and it may just be the angle but that flower bed looks a lot more kidney shaped than oval.

Ron said...


You know something? I think you're right! It is kidney shaped. That's what we call it from now on. Thanks!

Ron said...


We are located on the Delmarva peninsula between the Delaware Bay and the Chesapeake Bay. Just this morning I had the irrigation (sprinkler) system turn on. We have a well on the property. I prefer a lush backyard. I've had the other kind. Bill (my partner) lived in Texas for awhile and he's told me what the land is like down there. I prefer this. Bill comes from the red clay of Georgia. He prefers lush too. Thanks for your comment.

Ron said...

No, you don't have to come to Delaware to see bluebirds. They are up and down the East Coast. They are hard to find because of lack of habitat. I have four bluebird houses in my backyard. They only prefer the one. Unfortunately it is the same birdhouse that the sparrows prefer. Every year we have a fight about it. Three out of the last four years the bluebirds have won. They come back every year. This year they have to contend with a catbird which is usually sitting on top of their bluebird house. I guess the catbird had a nest in one of the bushes near the bluebird house. It's always something.

Raybeard said...

Really knock-out pictures here, Ron - ALL of them!

Mark said...

Ron, thanks for his link.
As you know, I've had a few jobs but it seems that his job is a photographer. I snap photos and get real lucky. I don't want to drive you away from him so continue as you were. At the same time, I would be more than happy to photograph you this Summer.
The one thing that I don't want to see in your photo is it looked like it was totally staged. Does that make sense? For example, those beach scenes where the whole family is sitting together, peacefully, enjoying life in khakis and tshirts is not real life.
Sorry, I'm rambling. I just don't like "fake". m.

Ur-spo said...

I think your early photo and your current one are both mightly handsome in their different ways.
Think of yourself like Maria Callas who made two recordings of "Norma", both are gorgeous for different reasons.

Ron said...


Thank you! I take compliment well. :)

Ron said...

Dr. Spo,

You are very kind. I like your Maria Callas analogy.

Ron said...

You bring up a good point. I knew they was something that I didn't feel comfortable about with the beach shots. They are staged aren't they? The photo I want to have taken at my appointment next Wednesday with Dave is a studio, portrait head shot. I like to have at least one of those a year. This summer when you and Fred come down (and don't forget to take the wine back with you), you can take some candid shots around the house and/or the beach. In fact, I think I would like some candid shots around Rehoboth Beach. Sounds good to me!

Ron said...

Dr. Spo,
I have to learn how to reply directly to your comments. I think I have it now. I liked your analogy to Maria Callas.