Monday, March 05, 2012

Service Technican Visit

I'm back!  Just got off another five straight days of work.

The past week has been pretty busy.  Five straight days of work from last Wednesday.  Yesterday I had my satellite service technician stop in for a "free upgrade" (only cost $49.00).  I thought that would be a short visit.  Little did I know he completely rewired my whole house for my five satellite TV boxes.  Uh huh, now I know what I was "eligible" for a "free" upgrade.  Only a "small installation charge."

I've been using satellite TV for my cable channels for over ten years now.  I won't mention the name but you can figure it out.  I don't use the other cable service (that starts with a "C" - again I won't mention their name because they always comment on my blog whenever I mention their name) because they are too expensive and their customer service sucks.

My satellite tv offers excellent service.  I never used their second line which is their line for ads pushing special pay per view services.  They're been pushing me for years to use it but I didn't see why I needed it.  I have NO INTEREST in a pay per view boxing match in Las Vegas.  Well guess what?  Now I have the line, whether I want it or not.  My new upgrade includes one line that cover both my regular cable service and the ability to download pay per view movies.  Well guess what?  I'm still not using it.

I hate having service people traipsing through our house in their big clumpy boots who know where they have been?  Bill hates it too.  So I laid down all my scrap rugs down in my office so the service guy would't be walking on my beige Berber carpets.  The service guy saw this and offered to put on his booties.  That was nice of him.

After almost four hours he was finished.  Now I'm set up in my kitchen, home office, bedroom, bonus room and basement room for high definition TV!

Hopefully this is the last visit for a long time from a service technician.

I can't believe how many visits we have had from service technicians since we move into Casa Tipton-Kelly back in November 2006.  If I would have known we were going to have those many visits I wouldn't have had wall to wall expensive beige carpets installed.

Bill and I just want our home back...for us.


Mark said...

Ron, in a private email, can you give me the details of your Satellite info. Fred has been wanting to do this for a long time but we still haven't made the change.
And yes, that was nice of that guy to slip some booties on.

Ur-spo said...

He looks a nice fellow

Scott said...

I hate strangers in my house as well. Over a month ago we had to have our furnace repaired and I had to handle the two visits it took.

I could never imagine having a maid come in to clean, I don't want other people touching my stuff.

Ron said...


We are so much alike! I can't believe how many service calls we have had at our new house since we moved here in 2006. We've had more calls in five years than we had in all of the twenty-five years we lived at our house on Crawford Road in Pennsylvania. Both Bill and I hate them tromping around on our beige wall to wall carpets with their boots.

Ron said...

Dr. Spo,

The service technician was very nice, to me anyway. Bill didn't like him. He thought he was unfriendly. He liked me though which is unusual because when new people meet me and Bill, they almost always like Bill more than they like me.