Sunday, March 04, 2012

Another Marathon

Yep!  That's me, 3rd from the left in the back - the tallest dude - 1958 DHS track team
My two buddies Blaine and Lee are on both sides of me

Some people run the twenty-six mile marathon.  I have my own "marathon."  It's working any schedule that is other than my usual two days a week at the hotel.  I'm working one of those "marathon's" now.  This week I worked my usual 3 pm to 11 pm shift on Wednesday and Thursday night. Then I worked yesterday (Friday) from 7 am to 3 pm.  Yes folks, that's a short night of sleep for moi.  Now I'm working tonight (Satuday) 3 pm to 11 pm and tomorrow (Sunday) from 3 pm to 11 pm.

Last night I was talking to an old friend and former co-worker on during my banking days in Philadelphia.  He had called me to tell me that a good friend of his was just diagnosed with stage four colon cancer.  His friend is only 53 years old.  He already has his death sentenence.  My friend (who is also 53) and I were talking about those Bad Old Days when we slaved away at a major bank in Philadelphia.  It seemed like all my life consisted of those days were commuting to and from my bank operations job in Philadelphia and working even harder as my bosses kept reducing staff to save money (and provide bigger bonuses for themselves for their "efficiencies.") 

My friend is now retired, having made a bundle of money a few years ago from his hard work and some wise investments.  He told me he thoroughly enjoys his retirement but at times does get bored.  And that folks is one reason I continue to work.  I think if I ever completely gave up the Work Situation, I would get bored and probably develop a terminal disease.  While I don't want to be a Slave to the System and work full-time, I find my life is nicely balanced by workng part-time.

Then there are times like this marathon run I'm doing this week.  I'm filling in for my co-worker Robert who is in Orlando, Florida (yes, Mickey Land Disney World) to attend his brother's wedding.  Unlike his predecessor who always asking me to fill in for her everytime her daughter got the sniffles, Robert rarely asks me to fill in for him so I was more than glad to accomodate him. The only thing is.....I'm working FIVE DAYS STRAIGHT and this is wrecking havoc with my sleeping schedule (Nap Time is totally screwed up) and my digestive system (constipation).  Of course my regular blog posts also suffer as well as keeping up with the posts of my favorite blog buddies.

I'm at the point in my life where I want a routine and predictable schedule.  When I have disruptions like this week I tend to get f*ck*d up discombulated.  Things like this didn't bother me when I was a young chap.  I seem to take things more in stride back In The Day.  These days I need a predictable routine.

So here is what is on the agenda after today.  I have a DirecTV technician coming in tomorrow to install my free upgrade HD-DVR (only $49.00 installation cost.  This "free" is like the "free" credit report that you pays to see your credit score - only the credit report is free.)  But be that as it may, this new HD-DVR will fit in nicely in my office with the new Samsung 32 inch flat screen TV that I just purchased this morning from BJ's. 
As I told my friend Tom, whose friend got the Death Sentence Notice this week.  I try to make every day count.  I try not to put off until tomorrow what I can do today.  So I made good use of the extra money I will make this week by running this marathon.

Thank you Robert for providing the opportunity for the extra hours.  I'm making my time count.

DHS Senior High Track Team 1958


nitewrit said...


It would appear I am retired, although I keep receiving things that indicate I am still on the active employee rolls at the corporation, no one has called me since Christmas Eve to actually work.

I am not bored. I feel more relaxed and I am finally doing what I wanted to be doing since I was a teenager, applying myself to my creative side.

It still doesn't seem like enough hours in a day, but then I remember I have all day tomorrow too, so that doesn't stress me.

It is great to make my own schedule, go where I wish if I want, and do what I need to do with rush.


Scott said...

Jim and I were talking about your blog yesterday. Mostly about how we see our lives in a few years. You've given me a new perspective on what I'd like and want to accomplish. Thanks for that.

Ron said...


I love this time of my life. I can do what I want to do. Love it! No more slaving for The Man.

Ron said...


This is the best time of my life. Ironic since I used to think that the best time of my life would be when I was young but this is actually the best time, in spite of my old age.