Wednesday, July 06, 2011


My account for update my Find a Grave info

F.A.G. is the acronym for Find a Grave.  Find a Grave is a website that was originally started to identify burial places of famous people, (usually movie stars).

I discovered Find a Grave through a tip from my cousin Tim Tipton who, like me, made numerous trips to graveyards searching for information on our common ancestors.  Tim told me that I could go to the Find a Grave website and probably find a lot of information about our ancestors.

I went, I saw and I was hooked!  Over the years I had taken many pictures of graves and their headstones.  Now I had a place to put them.  I joined the Find a Grave community (which ironically has the acronym of FAG - oh the irony since I am gay) to share my information and also to fulfill photo requests.  Many a time Bill and I searched and visited nearby graveyards to fulfill a photo request for a far flung relative or friend of the deceased.

Me at my great-grandfather's grave in Limestone, Tennessee

Since joining Find a Grave, I have made many friends in the FAG community, most of whom are straight (again, the irony).  Like my genealogy research, sometimes I'm hot and heavy into it and then sometimes I take months off and do nothing because I'm caught up in other aspects of my life in "retirement".  More irony, I have never been busier in my life than I have in my retirement but I've also never been happier.  No irony there, just contentment and happiness and much to look forward to each day that I wake up and see the morning light.

Over the past two years I have taken hundreds of photos of grave headstones that I haven't posted to FAG. A couple of weeks ago when I was fulfilling another photo request for a FAG member, I noticed that I now have competition down here in Lower Slower Delaware for Find a Grave contributors.  In fact, I have discovered that someone else is posting pictures they have taken of gravestones!  I have dallied too long.  So for the next couple of months, I'm going to try and post my backlog of pictures to Find a  I may not have as many blog postings so if you're all wondering what happen to Ron, it is just that I am shifting priorities.  Just so many hours in this retiree's days.

Before I leave, one more irony.  About a year into my membership of Find a Grave I discovered who founded Find a Grave.  It is a man by the name of :

Jim Tipton, Find a Grave Founder


Ur-spo said...

Happily Spo graves are more or less located in one cemetary in MI, 7 generations !

Ron said...

7 generations in one cemetery Dr. Spo? Wow. Most of my family is in Tennessee and North Carolina. It was just with my grandparents that this branch of Tiptons is buried in Pennsylvania. Including me, I already have my plot reserved on a hillside in PA. Have you ever researched your family genealogy?