Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Dancing With the Stars - Week 5

Well folks, the competition for Week 5 of "Dancing With the Stars" is over.  The results of the voting will be announced in a few hours.  I must say that the dancing of all the competitors last night was excellent.  I DVR'd the show so I could fast forward through the commercials so I could really enjoy the show and that I did.  Everyone gave their best last night.  There were no slackers.  Here is my take on the stars and their partners.  I take no prisoners.  

Romeo and Chelsie - Foxtrot - dancing to "New York, New York"

Romeo continues to impress me with his class and dancing skills. Good to see Romeo smile for a change.  He looked like he was really enjoying himself. 

Chris and Cheryl - Viennese Waltz - dancing to "America the Beautiful"

I like Chris.  He's got a good attitude, he's fun to watch and his dancing improves each week.  Watch out for Chris and Cheryl.  They will be in the Final Three.

Kendra and Louis - Foxtrot - dancing to "The Yankee Doodle Boy"

I'm not a Kendra and Louis fan but they did good last night.  However, I think they will be voted off tonight.  Sorry Louie! The midget  short dancers go.

Petra and Dmitry - Quickstep - dancing to "Viva Las Vegas"

Petra and Dimtry are elegant as always.  Such a pleasure to watch tall dancers gracefully glide across the dance floor.

 Ralph and Karina - Samba - dancing to "Sweet Home Alabama"

Hey Ralph, I like you and in a weird way you sort of look good in those jeans but I don't think you're going to regain your early lead tonight.

Hines and Kym - Rumba - dancing to "Proud to Be an American".

Hines and Kym make every dance seem so easy.  They were great! Hines and Kym will also be in the Final Three. Check out Kym's dress (?)

Chelsea and Mark - Samba - dancing to "Party in the U.S.A."

Ah Mark and Chelsea.  At least Mark toned down his scene stealing antics last night.  He 'let' Chelsea shine.  Still, he didn't dance the Samba.  This looks like a Samba?  Check out Mark's platform shoes.  Yeah Mark, you're short.  And another thing, what's with the mouth action Mark?  Are you in pain?  Or is this your version of SEXY?  What a douche.  

Kirstie and Maks - Foxtrot - dancing to "American Woman"

My favorite couple, Kirstie and Maks.  God, don't both of them LOOK GOOD!?! Watch out for Kirstie, she may just take the whole shebang.  And is there a male dancer any cuter than Maks?  He is a doll.  I love this couple, always interesting. That's what this show is all about.  I love it! 


Anonymous said...

I love all the pictures you get for your posts. Do you capture them during the broadcast of lift them from other sources?

I agree, Kirstie could go all the way.

Ron said...


It IS a lot of work getting those photos, getting the right shots, and putting them in order. I was having second thoughts today after about an hour working on this blob posting but I decided to go ahead anyway. I'm committed now! I'm glad you enjoyed the post. I do like Kirstie and Maks.

Mark said...

Ron, I don't watch this show. I just commented on another Blog that I only follow it through bloggers. I did try to watch one episode and it was great. My problem is that I like to watch shows with Fred and if he is not interested in them, then we get nowhere. Yes, I have no life beyond Fred.
However, I love Kirstie too and I'm hoping that she wins this thing. She is a true performer. And that Maks guy, OH MY GOD! m.

Cubby said...

The judges totally had their heads up their rears last night. Their scores were a joke.

Hines' performance was awful, and he got great scores. The judges were falling all over themselves trying to give him 9s. Hines was absolutely mystified about it too! Did you see his reaction to the scores when they came in? I thought he was going to say, "But I sucked!"

And Hines wasn't the only one who sucked. So did Romeo, and Ralph REALLY sucked. Ralph's getting worse as time goes on.

Chelsea and Mark were the best, IMHO. As much as you don't like short guys, I do like them. You may send all your short rejects to my house, thank you. :-)

Maks and Dmitry? Just writing their names causes a physical reaction below my belt, if you get my meaning. I wish Maks would stop shaving his chest! I want to break into his house and steal all his razors and add Minoxidil to his bottle of chest lotion.

Ron said...


You write a better review than I do! I have to agree with you on every point. I think that many of the scores last night were overrated. Most of the stars who danced are a bit clunky. Good for them and I give them credit for all the work they did but most of them still look amateurish. Chelsea and Mark were good and I'm glad Mark didn't showboat like he usually does. Believe it or not I don't have anything against short guys. In fact I've always sort of been attracted to short guys. But I just don't like Mark after all his hogging the spotlight from his partner. He's been making the dance all about himself which is not the role he supposed to be playing. Look at Dmitry and Maks for good dancers who don't show-off but compliment their partners. What I really don't like is little short asses like Mark who think they are all THAT (which he is not) and then don't get it. If he was a tad more humble than I could probably get by him. As it is now, he just irritates me every time I see him in his platform shoes.

I'm with you also on this shaving the chest hairs off. What Hollywood queen came up with that rule? A little chest hair does wonders for me.

I think HInes dances alright but he's weird looking (which he can't help I know) and too much with the teeth. Again, I have to give credit to all the stars that they do as well as they do. I know I couldn't dance as well as they do no matter how much practice I had. I dance like Elaine in "Seinfeld."

Ron said...


Don't feel bad. Bill doesn't like ANY of the shows I like. NONE. That's why we have different TV's.

Ron said...

Just a quick note on my bias towards short dancers: I'm not prejudiced against short guys in general, in fact some of them I find very cute. But as for dancers, I think a male dancer should always be tall and elegant, not some little short guy with lifts in his shoes who over compensates for his shortness by outrageous dance moves (arms flinging in the air and falling on the floor which I don't consider ballroom dancing but Broadway show phoniness). I know that THEY say tall people can't dance as well was the shorties but I respectively disagree. Two tall people are much more attractive dancing than two midgets.