Thursday, November 19, 2009

Top Ten Reasons Why I Like Living in Delaware

Below are listed the top ten reasons why I like living in Delaware (Sussex County, coastal area.)  Tomorrow I will list the top ten reasons why I DON't like living in Delaware.

Top Ten Reasons Why I Like Living in Delaware

(1) Low taxes – no sales tax and the school tax is very low

(2) Milder weather – one temperate zone down, makes a big difference

(3) Flat land – no dangerous hills or curves for accidents – beautiful big sky

(4) Gay friendly – little to no hostility when my partner and I dine together

(5) Straight roads – no curves for accidents and easier to find places

(6) Near the ocean – nothing like the fresh ocean air to reinvigorate the senses

(7) Open spaces – evokes a sense of primal freedom much like my ancestors

(8) Slower pace – at this time of my life I need less stress

(9) Less kids – a more proper balance of kids to adults – not jamm packed with kids

(10) More friends – a large GBLT community plus straight people who aren’t afraid of “the gays.”


Kim Ayres said...

And according to your photo, it must be like living in Venice... :)

Ron said...


We don't have a drought problem here in southern Delaware. In fact we're about 10 inches over the average rainfall for the month. Glory be.

nitewrit said...


I knew you said you wanted to be near the water, but that's ridiculous. Your illustration photo looks more like it should go with the ten things I hate about living in Delaware.


Ron said...


You noticed. ;) I was looking for an appropriate picture to go with that posting and I came across that one and thought "Why not?" Now for my posting of 10 things I hate (not really hate but dislike) about living in Delaware.