Thursday, November 20, 2008

New Computer

My new computer is here! It's a Dell. Yes, I'm taking the plunge again with a Dell. My last Dell purchase, back in 2001 was a disaster. I purchased a brand new Dell with all the bells and whistles. After setting it up, I discovered I couldn't turn it off. Oh I turned it off, but it came back on by itself without any help from me. Yes, it booted itself up. So, knowing that I paid for "premium" service, I call Dell support. Oh, the "premium", it wasn't so much. I still had to wait a long time on the phone and go through all the menu options. The "premium" service was in name only, not reality. When I finally got through to the Dell help line, I get a woman who tells me that I have to reformat my hard drive. Say what? I just got the computer. Reformat the hard drive? I finished that conversation and called again, hoping to get another person with a more reasonable solution. The new person I talked to said that I had too much on my desktop. Well, I guess she should know. It came with a bunch of crapola that Dell installed. She advised me to take off some items. It did. Now I could close the computer, sometimes. Every fourth or fifth time the computer would again boot itself up. To make a long story short, I went through the torture of calling Dell's help line again and again, informing them I had "premium" service which included "at home service." Didn't mean a thing to the folks I was talking to at the Dell help desk. Nada. While I was fighting Dell, trying to get my new computer to work, I brought a small, inexpensive Gateway computer as a temporary replacement. That “temporary replacement” computer is the computer I'm using now. Yes folks, I've been using this Gateway computer since 2001. I eventually gave away my Dell computer to a good friend who did have the hard drive reformatted. Now it works for him. He only had to pay $100 to have it reformatted and but new software. It was a bargain for him. I stayed with my Gateway because it has a small LCD screen instead of that monster cathode ray tube of the Dell. My Gateway is seven years old. I don't want to push my luck so I gave it a lot of thought. Should I get a Mac, like my good friend Lar? I would love to, but I couldn't afford it. So, after a lot of thought and comparing, I decided to go with Dell again. Over the past three days a bunch of boxes were delivered to my front door by UPS. I'm ready for a new computer. I need that 2.0 USB port. I want to copy all my photo negatives to the computer for conversion into digital pictures. Also, I plan to convert my old VHS tapes to DVD's. Most of all, I need a faster computer. My Gateway has been a great workhorse but I'm ready for the new features that my new Dell Inspiron will offer. Only thing I'm not looking forward to is setting it up. I called my good friend Tom, my PC Guy to arrange an appointment for him to set it up for me. This is a win-win situation. I give him the business and avoid getting myself all frustrated. I just hope he doesn't have to call Dell's help desk. The Dell salesman I talked to on the phone when I made the purchase assured me that I would have no problems. He also told me he had a bridge to sell me……………………… cheap.


nitewrit said...


Which Dell did you get? All those boxes! My Mac came in one box. Pretty much took it out of the box and plugged it in and it was ready to go. No tower, no bunch of cables and I really like the way the mac works. I can't believe the Dell could have cost less.


Ron said...


Actually, that wasn't all the boxes. I got three more the next day. A box for the CPU, keyboard, software, speakers, wireless thing, printer, ADP (or something like that) surge protector, thumper (I can't think of the name) speaker (gives the base), and flat screen. Maybe I should hae went with Mac after all. I have a tangle of wires and I don't know where to start. I got a headach just unpacking everything. That's why I called Tom, my PC Guy.

Anonymous said...

Nitewrit says they can't believe the Dell could have cost less than the Mac.

I'd love to have a Mac myself but I'd be shocked to find it was anywhere near comparable in price to a Dell.

I was just on the Mac site. Cheapest Mac offering...$599.00 and that's without a monitor. Cheapest monitor...$599.00! Keyboard and mouse...$98.00. According to my math that's $1,296.00.

Ron, what did you pay for your Dell?

Ron said...

I got the Dell Inspiron 518. It was regularly priced at $989, marked down to $699.00 for a savings of $290. However, these are some of the extras that I got:
wireless mouse
wireless keyboard
external hard drive backup 1 TB
Back-UPS surge protector
3 year Third Part At home Service
Stero speakers with sub woofer
McAfee Security 3 year subscription

and it goes on. Total final price is: $1,330.00

The main reason I held off from buying a MAC was the price.

I don't know how much I would have paid for the extras I wanted on a Mac but I suspect it would be somewhat comparable.

What I've seen on the screen with this Dell (minus the sound), I'm impressed. It's very fast, smooth and quiet. More wires than a Mac but a lot less than my present computer. I have both a wireless keyboard and mouse, which I can move when I'm doing work on my desk. We'll see when I get it set up this Tuesday.