Monday, September 15, 2008

Three Down, Three To Go

Ah, I've completed half of my temporary full time job obligation. For the next two days I plan to luxuriate and just do nothing. Actually, I won't do "nothing." I will do whatever hits me fancy at the moment. What's hitting my fancy right now is to update this blog. Somehow I don't feel that my day is complete until I make my daily blog entry. In the past three weeks, there are some days that I am just too exhausted to think straight. Did I say "straight?" Me saying "straight" is like McCain saying he's a "straight talker." McCain is anything but a straight talker these days in which he will say anything, lies included, just to get elected president. But, I don't want to get into my political views on this blog (that's for my "Ron Sees The Light" blog.) Sometimes I just can't help myself since following politics is and has been one of my passions. Back to my full time work schedule. I am finding that I enjoy working full time. Sure, I'm sometimes exhausted at the end of the day from answering questions from the hotel front desk such as "How far are you from the beach? Do you have a pool? How close are you from the water? Does my room have a good view of the water?" (see a theme here?) Of course I get "Do you have oatmeal?" questions (like last night.) Another downside to working full time is that I don't have enough time to do my chores like shopping, cleaning the house, and yard work. And that reminds me, as much as I like yard work, I'm ready for fall time. That's what I like about the change of seasons, I can take a break from the constant yard work. Another one of my passions is my family genealogical research. Since the warm weather I've had to abandon my four hour a day updates to my Family Tree Maker computer data base. I have enough data to enter until the end of my days. When I first retired to Delaware, I did very little. I had to unwind after the trauma of selling my house and moving all my worldly possessions to my new home in Delaware. Then I had all the problems associated with getting everything hooked up in this new house (TV, computer, phones - nothing was easy - problems all.) However, after three months I felt like I had to do something. I had to have something to structure my week around. Plus, I needed extra money to now help pay for the mortgage on my new home which I did not plan for when I first made the decision to move. I decided to look for a part time job. My previous part time job was working the front desk of a hotel (The Hampton Inn in Exton, PA.) I liked that job for many reasons. I got to meet people, the commute was good, and I didn't take the job home with me. There are many other reasons why I like working in the hospitality industry, perhaps the main being that my personality is one that is service driven. I like to provide the customer service that I, myself, find so lacking in today's business world. Perhaps, I get no greater satisfaction that seeing the smile on a guest's face after they have experienced a pleasant stay at the boutique hotel where I work in Lewes, Delaware. So, while I may be a little stressed out from the last three weeks of working full time, I am glad that I had the opportunity to work full time and sharpen my skills at the front desk. But, at the same time I am looking forward to the next two days of doing JUST NOTHING!

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the cajun said...

Glad you're having a breather. My schedule will be a bit heavier for the next two weeks as someone is taking a vacation.

If I had known you were free, I would have suggested meeting for a burger last evening.